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Observation of long-range orbital transport and giant orbital torque (2023) Hayashi H, Jo D, Go D, Gao T, Haku S, Mokrousov Y, Lee HW, Ando K Journal article Management of children and adolescents with chronic myeloid leukemia in blast phase: International pediatric CML expert panel recommendations (2023) Sembill S, Ampatzidou M, Chaudhury S, Dworzak M, Kalwak K, Karow A, Kiani A, et al. Journal article, Review article Higher risk of short term COVID-19 vaccine adverse events in myositis patients with autoimmune comorbidities: results from the COVAD study (2022) Dey M, Naveen R, Nikiphorou E, Sen P, Saha S, Lilleker JB, Agarwal V, et al. Journal article, Letter Artificial intelligence-enabled phenotyping of patients with severe aortic stenosis: On the recovery of extra-aortic valve cardiac damage after transcatheter aortic valve replacement (2022) Lachmann M, Rippen E, Schuster T, Xhepa E, Von Scheidt M, Trenkwalder T, Pellegrini C, et al. Journal article Evidence for a cloud-cloud collision in Sh2-233 triggering the formation of the high-mass protostar object IRAS 05358+3543 (2022) Yamada R, Fukui Y, Sano H, Tachihara K, Bieging JH, Enokiya R, Nishimura A, et al. Journal article Solving the Pulmonary Hypertension Paradox in Patients With Severe Tricuspid Regurgitation by Employing Artificial Intelligence (2022) Fortmeier V, Lachmann M, Koerber M, Unterhuber M, Von Scheidt M, Rippen E, Harmsen G, et al. Journal article Applying Bayesian optimization with Gaussian process regression to computational fluid dynamics problems (2022) Morita Y, Rezaeiravesh S, Tabatabaei N, Vinuesa R, Fukagata K, Schlatter P Journal article Massive star formation in the Carina nebula complex and Gum 31. II. A cloud–cloud collision in Gum 31 (2021) Fujita S, Sano H, Enokiya R, Hayashi K, Kohno M, Tsuge K, Tachihara K, et al. Journal article Orbital Rashba effect in a surface-oxidized Cu film (2021) Go D, Jo D, Gao T, Ando K, Bluegel S, Lee HW, Mokrousov Y Journal article Pituitary Neoplasm Nomenclature Workshop: Does Adenoma Stand the Test of Time? (2021) Ho K, Fleseriu M, Kaiser U, Salvatori R, Brue T, Lopes MB, Kunz P, et al. Journal article
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