German University in Cairo (GUC) / الجامعة الألمانية بالقاهرة

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Location: Cairo, Egypt (EG) EG

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Viroporins: Structure, function, and their role in the life cycle of SARS-CoV-2 (2022) Breitinger U, Farag NS, Sticht H, Breitinger HG Journal article, Review article Inhibition of SARS CoV Envelope Protein by Flavonoids and Classical Viroporin Inhibitors (2021) Breitinger U, Ali NK, Sticht H, Breitinger HG Journal article Modulation of recombinant human alpha 1 glycine receptor by flavonoids and gingerols (2021) Breitinger U, Sticht H, Breitinger HG Journal article Practical Evaluation of LoRa under Co-Technology Interference (2020) Elshabrawy T, Edward P, Ashour M, Robert J Conference contribution A Survey of Biological Building Blocks for Synthetic Molecular Communication Systems (2020) Söldner C, Socher E, Jamali V, Wicke W, Ahmadzadeh A, Breitinger HG, Burkovski A, et al. Journal article Fine-Tuning of Neuronal Ion Channels-Mapping of Residues Involved in Glucose Sensitivity of Recombinant Human Glycine Receptors (2020) Hussein RA, Ahmed M, Sticht H, Breitinger HG, Breitinger U Journal article A proline-rich motif in the large intracellular loop of the glycine receptor α1 subunit interacts with the Pleckstrin homology domain of collybistin (2020) Breitinger U, Weinländer K, Pechmann Y, Langlhofer G, Enz R, Becker CM, Sticht H, et al. Journal article Evaluation of the BER performance of LoRa communication using BICM decoding (2019) Elshabrawy T, Robert J Conference contribution Capacity Planning of LoRa Networks with Joint Noise-Limited and Interference-Limited Coverage Considerations (2019) Elshabrawy T, Robert J Journal article Interleaved chirp spreading LoRa-based modulation (2019) Elshabrawy T, Robert J Journal article