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DeepDeg: Forecasting and explaining degradation in novel photovoltaics (2025) Oviedo F, Hayden DS, Heumüller T, Wortmann J, Perea JD, Naik R, Xue H, et al. Unpublished / Preprint Turnpike in Control of PDEs, RESNETs and beyond (2024) Geshkovski B, Zuazua Iriondo E Unpublished / Preprint 3D Deep Learning-based Boundary Regression of an Age-related Retinal Biomarker in High Resolution OCT (2024) Karbole W, Ploner S, Won J, Marmalidou A, Takahashi H, Waheed NK, Fujimoto JG, Maier A Conference contribution Dynamic HTA for digital health solutions: opportunities and challenges for patient-centered evaluation (2023) Brönneke JB, Herr A, Reif S, Stern AD Journal article Automated segmentation of 3D cine cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (2023) Tayebi Arasteh S, Romanowicz J, Pace DF, Golland P, Powell AJ, Maier A, Truhn D, et al. Journal article, Original article A Spatiotemporal Illumination Model for 3d Image Fusion in Optical Coherence Tomography (2023) Ploner S, Won J, Schottenhamml J, Girgis J, Lam K, Waheed N, Fujimoto J, Maier A Conference contribution Advanced volume rebuilding overcomes quilting, stretching, and banding image artifacts in orthogonally-scanned OCT (2023) Ploner S, Won J, Yaghy A, Lam K, Girgis JM, Schottenhamml J, Husvogt L, et al. Conference contribution Investigating the Impact of Vertically Extended Coronae on X-Ray Reverberation Mapping (2023) Lucchini M, Mastroserio G, Wang J, Kara E, Ingram A, Garcia J, Dauser T, et al. Journal article High-density Reflection Spectroscopy of Black Hole X-Ray Binaries in the Hard State (2023) Liu H, Jiang J, Zhang Z, Bambi C, Fabian AC, García JA, Ingram A, et al. Journal article Independent and coherent transitions between antiferromagnetic states of few-molecule systems (2023) Besson C, Stegmann P, Schnee M, Zanolli Z, Achilli S, Wittemeier N, Vierck A, et al. Journal article