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Location: St.Gallen, Switzerland (CH) CH

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ROR: https://ror.org/0561a3s31

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Bridging the gap in ESG measurement: Using NLP to quantify environmental, social, and governance communication (2024) Schimanski T, Reding A, Reding N, Bingler J, Kraus M, Leippold M Journal article Recovery mode: Non-cognitive skills after the storm (2023) Biener C, Landmann A Journal article Noninvasive Hypoglycemia Detection in People With Diabetes Using Smartwatch Data (2023) Lehmann V, Foll S, Maritsch M, van Weenen E, Kraus M, Lagger S, Odermatt K, et al. Journal article Machine learning for non-invasive sensing of hypoglycaemia while driving in people with diabetes (2023) Lehmann V, Zueger T, Maritsch M, Kraus M, Albrecht C, Berube C, Feuerriegel S, et al. Journal article Mit Vor-Sicht in den Rückspiegel. Für das Wissenschaftssystem, aber auch für das Zusammenspiel von Wissenschaft, Gesellschaft und Politik hält die Corona-Pandemie viele Lehren bereit. Ein Gastbeitrag (2023) Döring S, Beschorner T, Dabrock P Other publication type Glycaemic patterns of male professional athletes with type 1 diabetes during exercise, recovery and sleep: Retrospective, observational study over an entire competitive season (2023) van Weenen E, Banholzer N, Föll S, Zueger T, Fontana FY, Skroce K, Hayes C, et al. Journal article Smartwatches for non-invasive hypoglycaemia detection during cognitive and psychomotor stress (2023) Maritsch M, Föll S, Lehmann V, Styger N, Bérubé C, Kraus M, Feuerriegel S, et al. Journal article Bidding on a Peer-to-Peer Energy Market: An Exploratory Field Study (2022) Wörner A, Tiefenbeck V, Wortmann F, Meeuw A, Ableitner L, Fleisch E, Azevedo I Journal article Effects of Digital Food Labels on Healthy Food Choices in Online Grocery Shopping (2022) Fuchs K, Lian J, Michels L, Mayer S, Toniato E, Tiefenbeck V Journal article Quo Vadis Conferences in the Business and Information Systems Engineering (BISE) Community After Covid (2021) Leimeister JM, Stieglitz S, Matzner M, Kundisch D, Flath C, Röglinger M Journal article, Online publication