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Location: Bukarest (Bucharest, Bucureşti), Romania (RO) RO

ISNI: 0000000419371389


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Finite element approximation of the Hardy constant (2024) Della Pietra F, Fantuzzi G, Ignat LI, Masiello AL, Paoli G, Zuazua Iriondo E Unpublished / Preprint Of horses and men - Garrisoning the empire: stable-barracks on a grand scale in the auxiliary fort of the ala I Batavorum milliaria at Rǎzboieni-Cetate (Alba Iulia County, Romania) and the spatial planning of Roman forts (2023) Rubel A, Mischka C Journal article CONTROL AND ANALYSIS OF PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS (2022) Cindea N, Leugering G, Loheac J, Micu S, Iacob GMC, Morris K, Takahashi T, Zuazua Iriondo E Authored book Monomethine cyanine probes for visualization of cellular RNA by fluorescence microscopy (2021) Aristova D, Kosach V, Chernii S, Slominsky Y, Balanda A, Filonenko V, Yarmoluk S, et al. Journal article New discoveries of settlement plans and enclosures of the Cucuteni-complex in Moldova. Gradiometer-survey 2015 (2020) Mischka C, Mischka D, Rubel A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Cultural evolution and environmental change in Central Europe between 40 and 15 ka (2020) Maier A, Stojakowits P, Mayr C, Pfeifer S, Preusser F, Zolitschka B, Anghelinu M, et al. Journal article Covariant representations for possibly singular actions on C*-algebras (2020) Beltita D, Grundling H, Neeb KH Journal article Polynuclear copper(II) complexes with hexadentate Schiff base directed by the counter ion. Syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties (2018) Buta I, Cseh L, Cretu C, Aparaschivei D, Maxim C, Loennecke P, Hey-Hawkins E, et al. Journal article The Auxiliary Castle of the ala I Batavorum milliaria and its vicus in Razboieni-Cetate (jud. Alba/RO). Geophysical Investigations and Historical Contextualisation (2018) Mischka C, Rubel A, Varga R Journal article Dispersion for 1-D Schrödinger and wave equations with BV coefficients (2016) Beli CN, Ignat LI, Zuazua E Journal article