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Location: Hannover, Germany (DE) DE

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ROR: https://ror.org/03m2kj587

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Referring physicians' intention to use hospital report cards for hospital referral purposes in the presence or absence of patient-reported outcomes: a randomized trial (2023) Emmert M, Schindler A, Heppe L, Sander U, Patzelt C, Lauerer M, Nagel E, et al. Journal article The elicitation of patient and physician preferences for calculating consumer-based composite measures on hospital report cards: results of two discrete choice experiments (2023) Emmert M, Rohrbacher S, Meier F, Heppe L, Drach C, Schindler A, Sander U, et al. Journal article Effects of family risk on early attachment security: Gender-specific susceptibility and mediation by parenting behavior (2022) Gerlach J, Fößel JM, Vierhaus M, Sann A, Eickhorst A, Zimmermann P, Spangler G Journal article Advancing digital health applications: priorities for innovation in real-world evidence generation (2022) Stern AD, Brönneke J, Debatin JF, Hagen J, Matthies H, Patel S, Clay I, et al. Journal article, Review article Zum "Konsens" zum Thema "Homöopathie in der medizinischen Versorgung" (2022) Tauchmann H, Kifmann M, Herr A, Brosig-Koch J Journal article, other The use intention of hospital report cards among patients in the presence or absence of patient-reported outcomes (2022) Emmert M, Schindler A, Drach C, Sander U, Patzelt C, Stahmeyer J, Kühnel E, et al. Journal article Family risk and early attachment development: The differential role of parental sensitivity (2022) Gerlach J, Foessel JM, Vierhaus M, Sann A, Eickhorst A, Zimmermann P, Spangler G Journal article Satisfaction of Rehabilitation Patients on Social Media Websites and Online Rating Portals (2021) Patzelt C, Kiss S, Hopf F, Biedermann I, Schindler A, Emmert M, Sander U Journal article Satisfaction of Rehabilitants in Experience Reports on social Media (ZURESO Study) (2021) Patzelt C, Kiss S, Hopf F, Emmert M, Sander U Conference contribution Klinik-Weiterempfehlung bei Reha-Erfolg: Erfahrungsberichte von Rehabilitanden auf einer Klinik-Bewertungsplattform (2021) Sander U, Biedermann I, Emmert M, Haaf HG, Hofmann AL, Hopf F, Kiss S, et al. Journal article
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