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The legal and ethical framework governing body donation in Europe – 2nd update on current practice (2024) Brenner E, Bleys RL, de Caro R, Catereniuc I, Chirculescu AR, Destrieux C, Eppler E, et al. Journal article, Review article European consensus-based interdisciplinary guideline for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of actinic keratoses, epithelial UV-induced dysplasia and field cancerization on behalf of European Association of Dermato-Oncology, European Dermatology Forum, European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology and Union of Medical Specialists (Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes) (2024) Kandolf L, Peris K, Malvehy J, Mosterd K, Heppt M, Fargnoli MC, Berking C, et al. Journal article Zoledronic Acid Add-on Therapy for Standard-Risk Ewing Sarcoma Patients in the Ewing 2008R1 Trial (2023) Koch R, Haveman L, Ladenstein R, Brichard B, Jürgens H, Cyprova S, van den Berg H, et al. Journal article Sialic acid metabolism orchestrates transcellular connectivity and signaling in glioblastoma (2023) Kuliesiute U, Joseph K, Straehle J, Ravi VM, Kueckelhaus J, Benotmane JK, Zhang J, et al. Journal article The association between mental health problems and asthma among European school children (2023) Goldin J, Bodeau-Livinec F, Goelitz D, Bitfoi A, Carta MG, Koç C, Lesinskiene S, et al. Journal article The Organization of Outreach Work for Vulnerable Patients in General Practice during COVID-19: Results from the Cross-Sectional PRICOV-19 Study in 38 Countries (2023) Van Poel E, Collins C, Groenewegen P, Spreeuwenberg P, Bojaj G, Gabrani J, Mallen C, et al. Journal article Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Led to Changes in the Tasks of the Primary Care Workforce? An International Survey among General Practices in 38 Countries (PRICOV-19) (2022) Groenewegen P, Van Poel E, Spreeuwenberg P, Batenburg R, Mallen C, Murauskiene L, Peris A, et al. Journal article High-Dose Treosulfan and Melphalan as Consolidation Therapy Versus Standard Therapy for High-Risk (Metastatic) Ewing Sarcoma (2022) Koch R, Gelderblom H, Haveman L, Brichard B, Jürgens H, Cyprova S, Van Den Berg H, et al. Journal article Bullying involvement and suicidal ideation in elementary school children across Europe (2022) Husky MM, Bitfoi A, Carta MG, Gölitz D, Koç C, Lesinskiene S, Mihova Z, et al. Journal article Online consultations in mental healthcare during the COVID-19 outbreak: An international survey study on professionals' motivations and perceived barriers (2021) De Witte NA, Carlbring P, Etzelmueller A, Nordgreen T, Karekla M, Haddouk L, Belmont A, et al. Journal article
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