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Adaptive immune responses are larger and functionally preserved in a hypervaccinated individual (2024) Kocher K, Moosmann C, Drost F, Schülein C, Irrgang P, Steininger P, Zhong J, et al. Journal article Seasonal climate variations during Marine Isotope Stages 3 and 2 inferred from high-resolution oxygen isotope ratios in horse tooth enamel from Lower Austria (2024) Reiss L, Mayr C, Pasda K, Joachimski M, Einwögerer T, Händel M, Maier A Journal article A genome-wide CRISPR functional survey of the human phagocytosis molecular machinery (2023) Essletzbichler P, Sedlyarov V, Frommelt F, Soulat D, Heinz LX, Stefanovic A, Neumayer B, Superti-Furga G Journal article Changing food webs before and during the Last Glacial Maximum based on stable isotopes of animal bone collagen from Lower Austria (2023) Reiss L, Mayr C, Pasda K, Einwögerer T, Händel M, Lücke A, Maier A, Wissel H Journal article Palaeogenomic analysis of black rat (Rattus rattus) reveals multiple European introductions associated with human economic history (2022) Yu H, Jamieson A, Hulme-Beaman A, Conroy CJ, Knight B, Speller C, Al-Jarah H, et al. Journal article Adult T-cells impair neonatal cardiac regeneration (2022) Dolejsi T, Delgobo M, Schuetz T, Tortola L, Heinze KG, Hofmann U, Frantz S, et al. Journal article Mechanical behavior and deformation mechanism of shape memory bulk metallic glass composites synthesized by powder metallurgy (2022) He T, Lu T, Şopu D, Han X, Lu H, Nielsch K, Eckert J, et al. Journal article Stability of a magnetically levitated nanomagnet in vacuum: Effects of gas and magnetization damping (2022) Kustura K, Wachter V, Lopez AER, Rusconi CC Journal article Oxide-stabilized microstructure of severe plastically deformed CuCo alloys (2022) Stückler M, Zálešák J, Müller T, Wurster S, Weissitsch L, Meier M, Felfer P, et al. Journal article Linking through-thickness cracks in metallic thin films to in-situ electrical resistance peak broadening (2022) Gebhart DD, Krapf A, Gammer C, Merle B, Cordill MJ Journal article