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Controlled Self-Assembly of Gold Nanotetrahedra into Quasicrystals and Complex Periodic Supracrystals (2023) Wang Y, Chen J, Li R, Götz A, Drobek D, Przybilla T, Hübner S, et al. Journal article Encapsulating High-Temperature Superconducting Twisted van der Waals Heterostructures Blocks Detrimental Effects of Disorder (2023) Lee Y, Martini M, Confalone T, Shokri S, Saggau CN, Wolf D, Gu G, et al. Journal article Signatures of a magnetic-field-induced Lifshitz transition in the ultra-quantum limit of the topological semimetal ZrTe5 (2022) Galeski S, Legg HF, Wawrzyńczak R, Förster T, Zherlitsyn S, Gorbunov D, Uhlarz M, et al. Journal article High-energy and ultra-high-energy neutrinos: A Snowmass white paper (2022) Ackermann M, Bustamante M, Lu L, Otte N, Reno MH, Wissel S, Agarwalla SK, et al. Journal article Signatures of Weyl Fermion Annihilation in a Correlated Kagome Magnet (2021) Belopolski I, Cochran TA, Liu X, Cheng ZJ, Yang XP, Guguchia Z, Tsirkin SS, et al. Journal article Origin of the quasi-quantized Hall effect in ZrTe5 (2021) Galeski S, Ehmcke T, Wawrzynczak R, Lozano PM, Cho K, Sharma A, Das S, et al. Journal article Correlated disorder-to-order crossover in the local structure of KxFe2-ySe2-zSz superconductor (2021) Bozin ES, Koch RJ, Mangelis P, Lei HC, Neder R, Mcdonnell M, Feygenson M, et al. Conference contribution Event reconstruction in a liquid xenon Time Projection Chamber with an optically-open field cage (2021) Stiegler T, Sangiorgio S, Brodsky JP, Heffner M, Kharusi SA, Anton G, Arnquist IJ, et al. Journal article Accessing Photoredox Transformations with an Iron(III) Photosensitizer and Green Light (2021) Aydogan A, Bangle RE, Cadranel A, Turlington MD, Conroy DT, Cauët E, Singleton ML, et al. Journal article A data fusion approach to optimize compositional stability of halide perovskites (2021) Sun S, Tiihonen A, Oviedo F, Liu Z, Thapa J, Zhao Y, Hartono NTP, et al. Journal article
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