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Upper Jurassic (Oxfordian‒Tithonian) ammonites and biostratigraphy of the Spiti Shale Formation of the Spiti and Zanskar regions in the Indian Himalayas (2024) Bhosale S, Pandey D, Alberti M, Fürsich F, Chaskar K, Thakkar M Book chapter / Article in edited volumes SegPC-2021: A challenge & dataset on segmentation of Multiple Myeloma plasma cells from microscopic images (2023) Gupta A, Gehlot S, Goswami S, Motwani S, Gupta R, Faura AG, Stepec D, et al. Journal article Interlaboratory test for chemical analysis of geothermal fluids: A new approach to determine deep geothermal reservoir fluid composition with uncertainty propagation (2022) Verma MP, Izquiedo G, Barth J, Rayes-Delgado L, Chandrasekhar T, Algabre JE, Caballero MAC, et al. Journal article Guest Editorial Special Issue on "Edge-Based Wireless Communications Technologies to Counter Communicable Infectious Diseases" (2022) Balasubramaniam S, Schober R, Pierobon M, Misra S, Thomas P Journal article, Editorial Well-posedness, optimal control and discretization for time-fractional parabolic equations with time-dependent coefficients on metric graphs (2022) Mehandiratta V, Mehra M, Leugering G Journal article Experimental and theoretical investigations on three DyIII4 single molecule magnets: structural and magneto-structural correlations (2022) Mandal S, Pramanik A, Dey S, Carrella LM, Rajaraman G, Rentschler E, Mohanta S Journal article DFT exchange: sharing perspectives on the workhorse of quantum chemistry and materials science (2022) Teale AM, Helgaker T, Savin A, Adamo C, Aradi B, Arbuznikov A, Ayers PW, et al. Journal article Layer Hall effect in a 2D topological axion antiferromagnet (2021) Gao A, Liu YF, Hu C, Qiu JX, Tzschaschel C, Ghosh B, Ho SC, et al. Journal article Performing law: space and the unfolding of gender and violence in India (2021) Kokal K, Menski W Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Results from the Ice Thickness Models Intercomparison eXperiment Phase 2 (ITMIX2) (2021) Farinotti D, Brinkerhoff DJ, Fürst J, Gantayat P, Gillet-Chaulet F, Huss M, Leclercq PW, et al. Journal article