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Topology optimization of broadband acoustic transition section: a comparison between deterministic and stochastic approaches (2024) Mousavi A, Uihlein A, Pflug L, Wadbro E Journal article Campylobacter jejuni Surface-Bound Protease HtrA, but Not the Secreted Protease nor Protease in Shed Membrane Vesicles, Disrupts Epithelial Cell-to-Cell Junctions (2024) Sharafutdinov I, Tegtmeyer N, Rohde M, Olofsson A, Rehman Zu, Arnqvist A, Backert S Journal article Modal laminar–turbulent transition delay by means of topology optimization of superhydrophobic surfaces (2023) Nobis H, Schlatter P, Wadbro E, Berggren M, Henningson DS Journal article Enzymatically dissociated muscle fibers display rapid dedifferentiation and impaired mitochondrial calcium control (2022) Gineste C, Youhanna S, Vorrink SU, Henriksson S, Hernández A, Cheng AJ, Chaillou T, et al. Journal article, Original article Impact on follow-up strategies in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis (2022) Bergquist A, Weismueller TJ, Levy C, Rupp C, Joshi D, Nayagam JS, Montano-Loza AJ, et al. Journal article Topology optimization of unsteady flows using the spectral element method (2022) Nobis H, Schlatter P, Wadbro E, Berggren M, Henningson DS Journal article Common RUNX3 missense variant contributes to psoriatic arthritis by modifying differentiation of CD8(+) T-cells (2022) Kerker I, Löhr S, Uebe S, Popp B, Vasileiou G, Bowes J, Kirchner P, et al. Conference contribution Berättelser om naturen i landsbygds- och migrationsstudier (2022) Eimermann M, Kordel S, Singleton BE, Webster NA, Weidinger T, Yachin J Other publication type, Blogserie Molecular Parameters Promoting High Relaxivity in Cluster-Nanocarrier Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agents (2022) Lyons T, Kekedjian C, Glaser P, Ohlin CA, van Eldik R, Rodriguez O, Albanese C, et al. Journal article SCORE2 risk prediction algorithms: new models to estimate 10-year risk of cardiovascular disease in Europe (2021) Hageman S, Pennells L, Ojeda F, Kaptoge S, Kuulasmaa K, De Vries T, Xu Z, et al. Journal article
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