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A Dataset of Larynx Microphone Recordings for Singing Voice Reconstruction (2024) Schwär S, Krause M, Fast M, Rosenzweig S, Scherbaum F, Müller M Journal article Unveiling the Potential of Ambient Air Annealing for Highly Efficient Inorganic CsPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells (2024) Iqbal Z, Félix R, Musiienko A, Thiesbrummel J, Köbler H, Gutierrez-Partida E, Gries TW, et al. Journal article OGLE-BLAP-009 – a case study for the properties and evolution of blue large-amplitude pulsators (2024) Bradshaw CW, Dorsch M, Kupfer T, Barlow BN, Heber U, Bauer EB, Bildsten L, van Roestel J Journal article Wissensproduktion, Wissensmobilisierung und Wissenstransfer. Chancen und Grenzen der Entwicklung von Wissenschaft und Praxis (2024) Schuster J, Hugo J, Bremm N, Kolleck N, Zala-Mezö E Edited Volume Economic crises as critical junctures for policy and structural changes towards decarbonization – the cases of Spain and Germany (2024) Bersalli G, Tröndle T, Heckmann L, Lilliestam J Journal article Ion-induced field screening as a dominant factor in perovskite solar cell operational stability (2024) Thiesbrummel J, Shah S, Gutierrez-Partida E, Zu F, Peña-Camargo F, Zeiske S, Diekmann J, et al. Journal article From Intonation Adjustments to Synchronization of Heart Rate Variability: Singer Interaction in Traditional Georgian Vocal Music (2023) Scherbaum F, Müller M Journal article The Politics of Green Hydrogen Cooperation: Emerging Dynamics in Morocco, Algeria, and Mauritania (2023) Weko S, Farrand A, Fakoussa D, Quitzow R Other publication type, Policy Study Ton S 415: a close binary containing an intermediate helium subdwarf discovered with SALT and TESS (2023) Snowdon EJ, Jeffery CS, Schlagenhauf S, Dorsch M, Monageng IM Journal article The first massive compact companion in a wide orbit around a hot subdwarf star (2023) Geier S, Dorsch M, Dawson H, Pelisoli I, Munday J, Marsh TR, Schaffenroth V, Heber U Journal article