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A multicentric consortium study demonstrates that dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase 2 is not a dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase (2023) Ragavan VN, Nair PC, Jarzebska N, Angom RS, Ruta L, Bianconi E, Grottelli S, et al. Journal article Structural and dynamic insights into supra-physiological activation and allosteric modulation of a muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (2023) Xu J, Wang Q, Hübner H, Hu Y, Niu X, Wang H, Maeda S, et al. Journal article Enhanced Variability and Declining Trend of Soil Moisture Since the 1880s on the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau (2023) Wang L, Liu H, Grießinger J, Chen D, Sun C, Fang C Journal article Visualizing Higher-Fold Topology in Chiral Crystals (2023) Cochran TA, Belopolski I, Manna K, Yahyavi M, Liu Yiyuan , Sanchez DS, Cheng Zi-Jia , et al. Journal article Visualization of Tunable Weyl Line in A–A Stacking Kagome Magnets (2023) Cheng ZJ, Belopolski I, Tien HJ, Cochran TA, Yang XP, Ma W, Yin JX, et al. Journal article Community recommendations for geochemical data, services and analytical capabilities in the 21st century (2023) Klöcking M, Wyborn L, Lehnert KA, Ware B, Prent AM, Profeta L, Kohlmann F, et al. Journal article, Review article Tunable topologically driven Fermi arc van Hove singularities (2023) Sanchez DSS, Cochran TAA, Belopolski I, Cheng ZJ, Yang XP, Liu Y, Hou T, et al. Journal article Carbon and conodont apatite oxygen isotope records from the Alengchu section in western Yunnan and their paleoclimatic and paleogeographic implications (2023) Chen B, Zhang MQ, Qie WK, Liang K, Lu JF, Joachimski M, Ma XP Journal article The 1820s Marks a Shift to Hotter-Drier Summers in Western Europe Since 1360 (2022) Wang L, Liu H, Chen D, Zhang P, Leavitt S, Liu Y, Fang C, et al. Journal article Magnetotransport Study of van der Waals CrPS4/ (Pt,Pd) Heterostructures: Spin-Flop Transition and Room-Temperature Anomalous Hall Effect (2022) Wu R, Ross A, Ding S, Peng Y, He F, Ren Y, Lebrun R, et al. Journal article