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Compensatory behavior of physical activity in adolescents – a qualitative analysis of the underlying mechanisms and influencing factors (2024) Beck F, Swelam BA, Dettweiler U, Krieger C, Reimers AK Journal article ESPEN guideline on nutrition and hydration in dementia – Update 2024 (2024) Volkert D, Beck AM, Faxén-Irving G, Frühwald T, Hooper L, Keller H, Porter J, et al. Journal article Physical Literacy in the Context of Climate Change: Is There a Need for Further Refinement of the Concept? (2024) Carl J, Abu-Omar K, Bernard P, Lohmann J, White P, Peters J, Sahlqvist S, et al. Journal article Hybrid Transfer Learning Approach for Emotion Analysis of Occluded Facial Expressions (2024) Pamod D, Charles J, Hewarathna AI, Vigneshwaran P, Lekamge S, Thuseethan S Conference contribution A life span perspective on competencies for a healthy, physically active lifestyle: Findings of a data pooling initiative with over 7000 individuals (2024) Carl J, Blaschke S, Sudeck G, Schmid J, Eckert K, Geidl W, Jaunig J, et al. Journal article Development, explanation, and presentation of the Physical Literacy Interventions Reporting Template (PLIRT) (2023) Carl J, Barratt J, Arbour-Nicitopoulos K, Barnett LM, Dudley DA, Holler P, Keegan R, et al. Journal article Hotspots of cenozoic tropical marine biodiversity (2022) Yasuhara M, Huang HHM, Reuter M, Tian SY, Cybulski JD, O'Dea A, Mamo BL, et al. Authored book Global Matrix 4.0 Physical Activity Report Card Grades for Children and Adolescents: Results and Analyses From 57 Countries (2022) Aubert S, Barnes JD, Demchenko I, Hawthorne M, Abdeta C, Nader PA, Sala JCA, et al. Journal article Feedback characteristics for Fostering Virtual Team Effectiveness (2022) Handke L, Klonek F, O’Neill TA, Kerschreiter R Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Erratum: Intrastructural Help: Harnessing T Helper Cells Induced by Licensed Vaccines for Improvement of HIV Env Antibody Responses to Virus-Like Particle Vaccines (Journal of Virology (2018) 92:14 (e00141-18) Doi:10.1128/JVI.00141-18) (2022) Elsayed H, Nabi G, McKinstry WJ, Khoo KK, Mak J, Salazar AM, Tenbusch M, et al. Journal article, Erratum
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