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Developing new analysis tools for near surface radio-based neutrino detectors (2023) Anker A, Baldi P, Barwick S, Beise J, Besson D, Chen P, Gaswint G, et al. Journal article Biomarker Data from the Phase III KATHERINE Study of Adjuvant T-DM1 versus Trastuzumab for Residual Invasive Disease after Neoadjuvant Therapy for HER2-Positive Breast Cancer (2023) Denkert C, Lambertini C, Fasching P, Pogue-Geile KL, Mano MS, Untch M, Wolmark N, et al. Journal article Hotspots of cenozoic tropical marine biodiversity (2022) Yasuhara M, Huang HHM, Reuter M, Tian SY, Cybulski JD, O'Dea A, Mamo BL, et al. Authored book Dynamic changes in O-GlcNAcylation regulate osteoclast differentiation and bone loss via nucleoporin 153 (2022) Li YN, Chen CW, Trinh MT, Zhu H, Matei AE, Györfi AH, Kuwert F, et al. Journal article TAROGE-M: radio antenna array on antarctic high mountain for detecting near-horizontal ultra-high energy air showers (2022) Wang SH, Nam J, Chen P, Chen Y, Choi T, Ham YB, Hsu SY, et al. Journal article Measuring the polarization reconstruction resolution of the ARIANNA neutrino detector with cosmic rays (2022) Anker A, Baldi P, Barwick SW, Beise J, Besson DZ, Bouma S, Cataldo M, et al. Journal article TAROGE-M: Radio Observatory on Antarctic High Mountain for Detecting Near-Horizon Ultra-High Energy Air Showers (2022) Wang SH, Chen P, Chen Y, Huang JJ, Huang MHA, Kuo CY, Leung CH, et al. Conference contribution Polarization Reconstruction of Cosmic Rays with the ARIANNA Neutrino Radio Detector (2022) Zhao L, Anker A, Baldi P, Barwick SW, Beise J, Bernhoff H, Besson DZ, et al. Conference contribution Capabilities of ARIANNA: Neutrino Pointing Resolution and Implications for Future Ultra-high Energy Neutrino Astronomy (2022) Barwick SW, Gaswint G, Anker A, Baldi P, Beise J, Bernhoff H, Besson DZ, et al. Conference contribution Science Case and Detector Concept for the ARIANNA High Energy Neutrino Telescope at Moore’s Bay, Antarctica (2022) Barwick SW, Anker A, Baldi P, Beise J, Bernhoff H, Besson DZ, Bingefors N, et al. Conference contribution