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Type 1 Autoimmune Pancreatitis in Europe: Clinical Profile and Response to Treatment (2024) Overbeek KA, Poulsen JL, Lanzillotta M, Vinge-Holmquist O, Macinga P, Demirci AF, Sindhunata DP, et al. Journal article Clinical Characteristics and Courses of Patients With Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease-Mimicking Phenocopies (2023) Halawi AA, Burgmaier K, Buescher AK, Dursun I, Erger F, Galiano M, Gessner M, et al. Journal article Photo-cross-linkable hyaluronic acid bioinks for bone and cartilage tissue engineering applications (2023) Ghorbani F, Ghalandari B, Khajehmohammadi M, Bakhtiary N, Tolabi H, Sahranavard M, Fathi-Karkan S, et al. Journal article Chirp Effect on CEP-Controlled Molecular Dissociation (2022) Bozpolat SA, Rosenberger P, Ciappina MF, Kling MF, Yavuz I Book chapter / Article in edited volumes EARLY CHILDHOOD HEIGHT-ADJUSTED TOTAL KIDNEY VOLUME AS A RISK MARKER OF KIDNEY SURVIVAL IN AUTOSOMAL RECESSIVE POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE (ARPKD) (2021) Burgmaier K, Kilian S, Arbeiter K, Atmis B, Buescher A, Derichs U, Dursun I, et al. Conference contribution PHENOCOPIESOF CLINICALLY DIAGNOSED ARPKD REVEALED IN CHILDREN (2021) Halawi A, Burgmaier K, Buescher A, Dursun I, Galiano M, Gessner M, Gokce I, et al. Conference contribution Genome sequencing in families with congenital limb malformations (2021) Elsner J, Mensah MA, Holtgrewe M, Hertzberg J, Bigoni S, Busche A, Coutelier M, et al. Journal article Association of disease characteristics with the temporal sequence of skin and musculoskeletal disease onset in psoriatic arthritis (2021) Tascilar K, Bayindir O, Dogru A, Tinazzi I, Kimyon G, Ozisler C, Erden A, et al. Journal article The global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the management and course of chronic urticaria (2020) Kocaturk E, Salman A, Cherrez-Ojeda I, Criado PR, Peter J, Comert-Ozer E, Abuzakouk M, et al. Journal article Severe neurological outcomes after very early bilateral nephrectomies in patients with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD) (2020) Burgmaier K, Ariceta G, Bald M, Buescher AK, Burgmaier M, Erger F, Gessner M, et al. Journal article
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