Fraunhofer Institut für Silicatforschung (ISC)

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Location: Würzburg, Germany (DE) DE

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Reusable and inductively regenerable magnetic activated carbon for removal of organic micropollutants from secondary wastewater effluents (2024) Drenkova-Tuhtan A, Inskeep CS, Luthardt L, Deuso SL, Ballweg T, Hanselmann D, Béalu Z, et al. Journal article, Online publication One-step fabrication of platelet-shaped Janus supraparticles via spray-drying (2024) Zhou H, Prieschl J, Groppe P, Mandel K, Wintzheimer S Journal article Influence of magnetic interactions in iron oxide nanoparticle polymer composites on magnetism and induction heating (2024) Raczka T, Wolf A, Reichstein J, Stauch C, Schug B, Müssig S, Mandel K Journal article, Original article Assembly of Zinc‐Single‐Site‐Containing Silica Nanoparticles to Supraparticle Powders with Destructibility to Serve as Filler and Vulcanization Activator in Rubbers (2024) Wenderoth S, Milana P, Zimmermann T, Deues M, Oppmann M, Prieschl J, Mostoni S, et al. Journal article Nature-Inspired Regenerative Fine-Dust-Catching Coatings to Improve Air Quality (2024) Zimmermann T, Deues M, Garbe T, Löbmann P, Mandel K, Wintzheimer S Journal article Sol-gel coatings for solar cover glass: Influence of surface structure on dust accumulation and removal (2024) Zimmermann T, Stauch C, Bittel L, Jüngling N, Muhamettursun M, Halik M, Niessner J, et al. Journal article Perfusable Tissue Bioprinted into a 3D-Printed Tailored Bioreactor System (2024) Gensler M, Malkmus C, Ockermann P, Möllmann M, Hahn L, Salehi S, Luxenhofer R, et al. Journal article Mechanical Stability of Liquid-Infused Surfaces Based on Mussel-Inspired Polydopamine Chemistry (2023) Chiera S, Ghetina M, Zimmermann T, Wintzheimer S, Stauch C, Loebmann P, Mandel K, Vogel N Journal article, Original article Sb-Substituted Cs2AgBiBr6—As Much As It Could Be?—Influence of Synthesis Methods on Sb-Substitution Level in Cs2AgBiBr6 (2022) Yoon S, Fett B, Frebel A, Kroisl S, Herbig B, Widenmeyer M, Balke B, et al. Journal article Optically Sensitive and Magnetically Identifiable Supraparticles as Indicators of Surface Abrasion (2022) Wenderoth S, Müssig S, Prieschl J, Genin E, Heuzé K, Fidler F, Haddad D, et al. Journal article