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Marine Jurassic basins along the western and northern margins of the Indian craton: a progress report (2024) Pandey DK, Sharma JK, Fürsich F, Alberti M Journal article, Review article Phenetic classification of Kimmeridgian ammonites from the eastern Kachchh Basin, India (2019) Pandey DK, Das R, Alberti M, Fürsich F, Shekhawat RS, Udupa P Journal article Recurrent hardgrounds and their significance for intra-basinal correlations: a case study of upper Bathonian rocks from the western margin of the Indian craton (2018) Pandey DK, Fürsich F, Alberti M, Sharma JK, Swami N Journal article Evolution and tectonic setting of the Malani – Nagarparkar Igneous Suite: A Neoproterozoic Silicic-dominated Large Igneous Province in NW India-SE Pakistan (2018) de Wall H, Pandit MK, Donhauser I, Schöbel S, Wang W, Sharma KK Journal article, Original article Brachiopods from the Middle to Upper Jurassic strata of Gangta Bet in the Kachchh Basin, western India (2017) Mukherjee D, Alberti M, Fürsich F, Pandey DK Journal article Discovery of the first ichthyosaur from the Jurassic of India: Implications for Gondwanan palaeobiogeography (2017) Prasad GVR, Pandey DK, Alberti M, Fürsich F, Thakkar MG, Chauhan GD Journal article Overview on the middle to upper Jurassic sedimentary succession of Gangta Bet in the Kachchh basin, western India, with special emphasis on its lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, and palaeoenvironment (2017) Alberti M, Fürsich F, Pandey DK, Mukherjee D Journal article First record of a xiphosuran trackway (Kouphichnium isp.) from the Jurasic of India (2017) Alberti M, Fürsich F, Pandey DK Journal article Event beds or condensed unit? Analysis of a wood-log concentration in the Upper Jurassic of the Kachchh Basin, western India (2017) Fürsich F, Alberti M, Pandey DK, Rai J Journal article Hybrid mafic dykes from Delwara Shear Zone, Mt. Abu, NW India (2016) Pandit MK, Dotzler R, de Wall H Journal article, Original article