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The impact of warming climate on Himalayan silver fir growth along an elevation gradient in the Mt. Everest region (2023) Gaire NP, Zaw Z, Bräuning A, Grießinger J, Sharma B, Rana P, Bhandari S, et al. Journal article Increasing extreme events in the central Himalaya revealed from a tree-ring based multi-century streamflow reconstruction of Karnali River Basin (2022) Prasad Gaire N, Zaw Z, Bräuning A, Sharma B, Raj Dhakal Y, Timilsena R, Shah SK, et al. Journal article Growth performance of planted population of Pinus roxburghii in central Nepal (2020) Tiwari A, Thapa N, Aryal S, Rana P, Adhikari S Journal article Abies spectabilis shows stable growth relations to temperature, but changing response to moisture conditions along an elevation gradient in the central Himalaya (2020) Gaire NP, Fan ZX, Bräuning A, Panthi S, Rana P, Shrestha A, Bhuju DR Journal article Spring season in western nepal himalaya is not yet warming: A 400-year temperature reconstruction based on tree-ringwidths of Himalayan Hemlock (Tsuga Dumosa) (2020) Aryal S, Gaire NP, Pokhrel NR, Rana P, Sharma B, Kharal DK, Poudel BS, et al. Journal article GROWTH PATTERN OF PINUS ROXBURGHII UNDER DIFFERENT REGIMES OF INVASIVE SPECIES IN PANCHASE, NEPAL HIMALAYAS (2020) Dyola N, Bhuju DR, Kharal DK, Aryal S, Gaire NP, Hitler L Journal article Drought (scPDSI) reconstruction of trans-Himalayan region of central Himalaya using Pinus wallichiana tree-rings (2019) Gaire NP, Dhakal YR, Shah SK, Fan ZX, Bräuning A, Thapa UK, Bhandari S, et al. Journal article Pinus roxburghii stand dynamics at a heavily impacted site in Nepal: Research through an educational fieldweek (2016) Speer JH, Bräuning A, Zhang QB, Pourtahmasi K, Gaire NP, Dawadi B, Rana P, et al. Journal article, Original article