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Location: Peradeniya, Sri Lanka (LK) LK

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Contributions to one health approach to solve geogenie health issues (2023) Chandrajith R, Barth J Authored book Early Ultrastructural Changes in Biopsies From Patients With Symptomatic CKD of Uncertain Etiology (2023) Daniel C, Enghard P, Ratnatunga N, Wijetunge S, Wazil AW, Zwiener C, Barth J, et al. Journal article Recharging Mechanisms and Seawater Intrusion in Karst Aquifers in Northwest Sri Lanka, Based on Hydrogeochemistry and Water Isotopes (2023) Bandara UGC, Diyabalanage S, Barth J, Chandrajith R Journal article Geochemical Characteristics of Groundwater Consumed by Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease with Unknown Aetiology in the Crystalline Dry Zone Terrain of Sri Lanka (2023) Chandrajith R, Nanayakkara N, Zwiener C, Daniel C, Amann KU, Barth J Journal article Application of Water Quality Index as a vulnerability indicator to determine seawater intrusion in unconsolidated sedimentary aquifers in a tropical coastal region of Sri Lanka (2022) Chandrajith R, Bandara UG, Diyabalanage S, Senaratne S, Barth J Journal article A preliminary analysis of renal infiltrating cells in acute tubular injury induced by water treated with high fluoride and high hardness in rat model (2021) Perera T, Ranasinghe S, Alles N, Daniel C, Waduge R Journal article Special Section on Full-Duplex Transceivers for Future Networks: Theory and Techniques (2021) Tran NH, Suraweera HA, Riihonen T, Reiskarimian N, Jain H, Schober R Journal article Exposure Assessment of Fluoride Intake Through Commercially Available Black Tea (Camellia sinensis L.) from Areas with High Incidences of Chronic Kidney Disease with Undetermined Origin (CKDu) in Sri Lanka (2021) Chandrajith R, Bhagya S, Diyabalanage S, Wimalasiri S, Ranatunga MA, Barth J Journal article Influences of seawater intrusion and anthropogenic activities on shallow coastal aquifers in Sri Lanka: evidence from hydrogeochemical and stable isotope data (2020) Jayathunga K, Diyabalanage S, Frank A, Chandrajith R, Barth J Journal article Epidemiology, molecular, and genetic methodologies to evaluate causes of CKDu around the world: report of the Working Group from the ISN International Consortium of Collaborators on CKDu (2019) Anand S, Caplin B, Gonzalez-Quiroz M, Schensul SL, Bhalla V, Parada X, Nanayakkara N, et al. Journal article, Editorial
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