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An electrically conducting 3D coronene-based metal-organic framework (2024) Schönherr MI, Scheurle PI, Frey L, Martínez-Abadía M, Döblinger M, Mähringer A, Fehn D, et al. Journal article Toward accurate and fast velocity quantification with 3D ultrashort TE phase-contrast imaging (2024) Degenhardt K, Schmidt S, Aigner CS, Kratzer FJ, Seiter DP, Müller M, Kolbitsch C, et al. Journal article Correction: Arc controls alcohol cue relapse by a central amygdala mechanism. (2024) Pagano R, Salamian A, Zielinski J, Beroun A, Nalberczak-Skóra M, Skonieczna E, Cały A, et al. Journal article, Erratum Accelerated B+1 mapping and robust parallel transmit pulse design for heart and prostate imaging at 7 T (2024) Egger N, Nagelstraßer S, Wildenberg S, Bitz A, Ruck L, Herrler J, Meixner CR, et al. Journal article Fast WASABI post-processing: Access to rapid B0 and B1 correction in clinical routine for CEST MRI (2023) Papageorgakis C, Firippi E, Gy B, Boutelier T, Khormi I, Al-iedani O, Lechner-Scott J, et al. Journal article Determining the resolution of a tracer for magnetic particle imaging by means of magnetic particle spectroscopy (2023) Remmo A, Wiekhorst F, Kosch O, Lyer S, Unterweger H, Kratz H, Löwa N Journal article Vorstellung des Projektes CTSimU2 „Realistische Simulation realer Röntgencomputertomografie-Systeme mit basisqualifizierter Simulationssoftware“ (2023) Reuter T, Abt C, Ballach F, Bartscher M, Bellon C, Borges de Oliveira F, Dennerlein F, et al. Conference contribution Assessment of 2D-based tests for the qualification of simulation software for dXCT (2023) Borges de Oliveira F, Reuter T, Plotzki D, Wohlgemuth F, Bartscher M, Bellon C, Kasperl S Journal article, other Introduction to “Realistic Simulation of real CT systems with a basic-qualified Simulation Software - CTSimU2“ (2023) Reuter T, Borges de Oliveira F, Abt C, Ballach F, Bartscher M, Bellon C, Dennerlein F, et al. Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Heterostructure Films of SiO2 and HfO2 for High-Power Laser Optics Prepared by Plasma-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition (2023) Alam S, Paul P, Beladiya V, Schmitt P, Stenzel O, Trost M, Wilbrandt S, et al. Journal article