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Molecular-Induced Chirality Transfer to Plasmonic Lattice Modes (2023) Görlitzer E, Zapata-Herrera M, Ponomareva E, Feller D, Garcia-Etxarri A, Karg M, Aizpurua J, Vogel N Journal article, Original article Spin-momentum locking from topological quantum chemistry: Applications to multifold fermions (2022) Lin M, Robredo I, Schroeter NBM, Felser C, Vergniory MG, Bradlyn B Journal article Switchable chiral transport in charge-ordered kagome metal CsV3Sb5 (2022) Guo C, Putzke C, Konyzheva S, Huang X, Gutierrez-Amigo M, Errea I, Chen D, et al. Journal article Large Room Temperature Anomalous Transverse Thermoelectric Effect in Kagome Antiferromagnet YMn6Sn6 (2022) Roychowdhury S, Ochs AM, Guin SN, Samanta K, Noky J, Shekhar C, Vergniory MG, et al. Journal article All topological bands of all nonmagnetic stoichiometric materials (2022) Vergniory MG, Wieder BJ, Elcoro L, Parkin SSP, Felser C, Bernevig BA, Regnault N Journal article A Chirality-Based Quantum Leap (2022) Aiello CD, Abendroth JM, Abbas M, Afanasev A, Agarwal S, Banerjee AS, Beratan DN, et al. Journal article, Review article Topological materials discovery from crystal symmetry (2022) Wieder BJ, Bradlyn B, Cano J, Wang Z, Vergniory MG, Elcoro L, Soluyanov AA, et al. Journal article, Review article Giant topological longitudinal circular photo-galvanic effect in the chiral multifold semimetal CoSi (2021) Ni Z, Wang K, Zhang Y, Pozo O, Xu B, Han X, Manna K, et al. Journal article The classical two-dimensional Heisenberg model revisited: An SU(2)-symmetric tensor network study (2021) Schmoll P, Kshetrimayum A, Eisert J, Orus R, Rizzi M Journal article On the catalytic and degradative role of oxygen-containing groups on carbon electrode in non-aqueous ORR (2021) Inozemtseva AI, Kataev E, Frolov AS, Amati M, Gregoratti L, Beranová K, Dieste VP, et al. Journal article
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