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Detection of femoropopliteal arterial steno-occlusion at MR angiography: initial experience with artificial intelligence (2024) Nguyen TT, Folle L, Bayer T Journal article Privacy-enhancing Image Sampling for the Synthesis of High-quality Anonymous Chest Radiographs (2024) Packhäuser K, Folle L, Nguyen TT, Thamm F, Maier A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution A Dual-Pathogen Mitral Valve Endocarditis Caused by Coxiella burnetii and Streptococcus gordonii—Which Came First? (2023) Kaemmerer AS, Ciotola F, Geißdörfer W, Harig F, Mattner J, Seitz T, Suleiman M, et al. Journal article “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children” (MIS-C) after COVID-19 Infection in the Metropolitan Area of Nuremberg-Erlangen, Germany—Expectations and Results of a Two-Year Period (2023) Hébert S, Schmidt M, Topf G, Rieger D, Klinge J, Vermehren J, Fusch C, et al. Journal article ILCOR 2022: notfallpharmakologische Implikationen (2023) Dormann H, Ittner KP, Neubert A, Böttiger BW Journal article Crystalline sirolimus-coated balloon (cSCB) angioplasty in an all-comers, patient population with stable and unstable coronary artery disease including chronic total occlusions: rationale, methodology and design of the SCORE trial (2023) Otto S, Diaz VAJ, Weilenmann D, Cuculi F, Nuruddin AA, Leibundgut G, Alfonso F, et al. Journal article Dynamic study of the finger interphalangeal joint volar plate—motion analysis with magnetic resonance cinematography and histologic comparison (2023) Lutter C, Kürten S, Geppert CI, Mittelmeier W, Klinder A, Söder S, Roemer F, et al. Journal article Documentation of Drug-Related Problems with ICD-11: Application of the New WHO Code-Set to Clinical Routine Data (2023) Andrikyan W, Jung-Poppe L, Altenbuchner A, Nicolaus HF, Pfistermeister B, Dormann H, Fromm M, Maas R Journal article, Original article Ethical conflicts associated with COVID-19 pandemic, triage and frailty-unexpected positive disease progression in a 90-year-old patient: A case report. (2023) Wehrfritz A, Schmidt J, Bremer FF, Lang AK, Welzer J, Castellanos AI Journal article His bundle pacing guided by automated intrinsic morphology matching is feasible in patients with narrow QRS complexes (2022) Bastian D, Gregorio C, Buia V, Walaschek J, Rittger H, Vitali-Serdoz L Journal article