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Was weiß YouTube über das „Konzept für feste Dritte Zähne an einem Tag“? (2023) Kurtuluş İL, Eraslan R, Berger L Journal article Clinical Characteristics and Courses of Patients With Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease-Mimicking Phenocopies (2023) Halawi AA, Burgmaier K, Buescher AK, Dursun I, Erger F, Galiano M, Gessner M, et al. Journal article Effects of immunosuppressive drugs on COVID-19 severity in patients with autoimmune hepatitis (2021) Efe C, Lammert C, Tascilar K, Dhanasekaran R, Ebik B, Higuera-De La Tijera F, Caliskan AR, et al. Journal article Mesoporous one-component gold microshells as 3d sers substrates (2021) Vikulina AS, Stetsyura IY, Onses MS, Yilmaz E, Skirtach AG, Volodkin D Journal article EARLY CHILDHOOD HEIGHT-ADJUSTED TOTAL KIDNEY VOLUME AS A RISK MARKER OF KIDNEY SURVIVAL IN AUTOSOMAL RECESSIVE POLYCYSTIC KIDNEY DISEASE (ARPKD) (2021) Burgmaier K, Kilian S, Arbeiter K, Atmis B, Buescher A, Derichs U, Dursun I, et al. Conference contribution PHENOCOPIESOF CLINICALLY DIAGNOSED ARPKD REVEALED IN CHILDREN (2021) Halawi A, Burgmaier K, Buescher A, Dursun I, Galiano M, Gessner M, Gokce I, et al. Conference contribution Severe neurological outcomes after very early bilateral nephrectomies in patients with autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease (ARPKD) (2020) Burgmaier K, Ariceta G, Bald M, Buescher AK, Burgmaier M, Erger F, Gessner M, et al. Journal article Sponge-derived natural bioactive glass microspheres with self-assembled surface channel arrays opening into a hollow core for bone tissue and controlled drug release applications (2020) Kaya M, Bilican I, Mujtaba M, Sargin I, Erginer Haskoylu M, Toksoy Oner E, Zheng K, et al. Journal article Delay Between the Onset of Psoriasis and Arthritis in PsA Patients from the PsART International Cohort (2019) Tascilar K, Aydin SZ, Akar S, Aksu K, Bakirci S, Bayindir O, Can M, et al. Conference contribution Risk Factors for Early Dialysis Dependency in Autosomal Recessive Polycystic Kidney Disease. (2018) Burgmaier K, Kunzmann K, Ariceta G, Bergmann C, Buescher AK, Burgmaier M, Dursun I, et al. Journal article