Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme (IKTS)

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Exploring Epipolar Consistency Conditions for Rigid Motion Compensation in In-vivo X-ray Microscopy (2024) Thies M, Wagner F, Gu M, Mei S, Huang Y, Pechmann S, Aust O, et al. Conference contribution Ultrathin positively charged electrode skin for durable anion-intercalation battery chemistries (2023) Sabaghi D, Wang Z, Bhauriyal P, Lu Q, Morag A, Mikhailovia D, Hashemi P, et al. Journal article Geometric Constraints Enable Self-Supervised Sinogram Inpainting in Sparse-View Tomography (2023) Wagner F, Thies M, Maul N, Pfaff L, Aust O, Pechmann S, Syben C, Maier A Conference contribution, Conference Contribution Unsupervised Super Resolution in X-ray Microscopy using a Cycle-consistent Generative Model (2023) Raghunath A, Wagner F, Thies M, Gu M, Pechmann S, Aust O, Weidner D, et al. Conference contribution Understanding Substrate Mechanics and Chemo-Mechanical Behavior of Columnar Silicon Films to Enable Deformation Free Anodes for High-Energy Li-Ion Batteries (2023) Cangaz S, Lohrberg O, Abendroth T, Heubner C, Schmidt F, Althues H, Doerfler S, et al. Journal article Nature-Inspired Pyrylium Cation-Based Vinylene-Linked Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Framework for Efficient Sunlight-Driven Water Purification (2023) Li S, Geng Y, Teng B, Xu S, Petkov PS, Liao Z, Jost B, et al. Journal article Semiconducting Conjugated Coordination Polymer with High Charge Mobility Enabled by “4 + 2” Phenyl Ligands (2023) Huang X, Fu S, Lin C, Lu Y, Wang M, Zhang P, Huang C, et al. Journal article Spectromicroscopy of Nanoscale Materials in the Tender X-Ray Regime Enabled by a High Efficient Multilayer-Based Grating Monochromator (2023) Werner S, Guttmann P, Siewert F, Sokolov A, Mast M, Huang Q, Feng Y, et al. Journal article Two-Dimensional Benzobisthiazole-Vinylene-Linked Covalent Organic Frameworks Outperform One-Dimensional Counterparts in Photocatalysis (2023) Li S, Ma R, Xu S, Zheng T, Wang H, Fu G, Yang H, et al. Journal article On the Benefit of Dual-Domain Denoising in a Self-Supervised Low-Dose CT Setting (2023) Wagner F, Thies M, Pfaff L, Aust O, Pechmann S, Weidner D, Maul N, et al. Conference contribution