Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR) / German Aerospace Center

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Location: Köln, Bonn, Germany (DE) DE

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Immortalised murine R349P desmin knock-in myotubes exhibit a reduced proton leak and decreased ADP/ATP translocase levels in purified mitochondria (2024) Berwanger C, Terres D, Pesta D, Eggers B, Marcus K, Wittig I, Wiesner RJ, et al. Journal article Extension of the Deflection-Domain Passivity Approach for Variable Stiffnesses to SO(3) (2024) Panzirsch M, Singh H, Sierotowicz M, Dietrich A Journal article Atomic diffusion in liquid gallium and gallium-nickel alloys probed by quasielastic neutron scattering and molecular dynamic simulations (2024) Shahzad A, Yang F, Steffen J, Neiß C, Panchenko A, Götz K, Vogel C, et al. Journal article Global-in-time solutions for quasilinear parabolic PDEs with mixed boundary conditions in the Bessel scale (2024) Hoppe F, Meinlschmidt H, Neitzel I Unpublished / Preprint A Drone-Based 0.7-4.7 GHz FMCW Radar System for High-Resolution Exploration of Subsurface Glacier Structures (2023) Stelzig M, Benedikter A, Kleinlein M, Haberberger N, Krabbe L, Lomakin K, Braun M, et al. Conference contribution Musculoskeletal research in human space flight – unmet needs for the success of crewed deep space exploration (2023) Liphardt AM, Fernandez-Gonzalo R, Albracht K, Rittweger J, Vico L Journal article Experimental Verification of a Digital Delay Transponder Used as an In-Ice Synthetic Aperture Radar Reference Target (2023) Stelzig M, Benedikter A, Horn R, Jaeger M, Keller M, Scheiber R, Haberberger N, et al. Conference contribution Progressive unsupervised control of myoelectric upper limbs (2023) Gigli A, Gijsberts A, Nowak M, Vujaklija I, Castellini C Journal article Unfolding the Hong-Ou-Mandel interference between heralded photons from narrowband twin beams (2023) Laiho K, Dirmeier T, Shafiee G, Marquardt C Journal article Curvature of gastrocnemius muscle fascicles as function of muscle-tendon complex length and contraction in humans (2023) Heieis J, Böcker J, D'Angelo O, Mittag U, Albracht K, Schönau E, Meyer A, et al. Journal article