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Investigation of inverse design of multilayer thin-films with conditional invertible neural networks (2023) Luce A, Mahdavi A, Wankerl H, Marquardt F Journal article Tunneling-induced fractal transmission in valley Hall waveguides (2023) Shah T, Marquardt F, Peano V Journal article Artificial intelligence and machine learning for quantum technologies (2023) Krenn M, Landgraf J, Fösel T, Marquardt F Journal article Topological phonon transport in an optomechanical system (2022) Ren H, Shah T, Pfeifer H, Brendel C, Peano V, Marquardt F, Painter O Journal article Observing polarization patterns in the collective motion of nanomechanical arrays (2022) Doster J, Shah T, Foesel T, Paulitschke P, Marquardt F, Weig EM Journal article TMM-Fast, a transfer matrix computation package for multilayer thin-film optimization: tutorial (2022) Luce A, Mahdavi A, Marquardt F, Wankerl H Journal article Deep Learning of Quantum Many-Body Dynamics via Random Driving (2022) Mohseni N, Fösel T, Guo L, Navarrete-Benlloch C, Marquardt F Journal article Cooperative Quantum Phenomena in Light-Matter Platforms (2022) Reitz M, Sommer C, Genes C Journal article Tunneling in the Brillouin zone: Theory of backscattering in valley Hall edge channels (2021) Shah T, Marquardt F, Peano V Journal article Optical signatures of the coupled spin-mechanics of a levitated magnetic microparticle (2021) Wachter V, Bittencourt VASV, Xie S, Sharma S, Joly N, Russell PSJ, Marquardt F, Viola Kusminskiy S Journal article
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