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Emerging roles of cytomegalovirus-encoded G protein-coupled receptors during lytic and latent infection (2019) Frank T, Niemann I, Reichel A, Stamminger T Journal article, Review article In Utero Administration of Drugs Targeting Microglia Improves the Neurodevelopmental Outcome Following Cytomegalovirus Infection of the Rat Fetal Brain (2018) Cloarec R, Bauer S, Teissier N, Schaller F, Luche H, Courtens S, Salmi M, et al. Journal article Artesunate-derived monomeric, dimeric and trimeric experimental drugs - Their unique mechanistic basis and pronounced antiherpesviral activity (2018) Hahn F, Fröhlich T, Frank T, Bertzbach LD, Kohrt S, Kaufer BB, Stamminger T, et al. Journal article SUMOylation of IE2p86 is required for efficient autorepression of the human cytomegalovirus major immediate-early promoter (2018) Reuter N, Reichel A, Stilp AC, Scherer M, Stamminger T Journal article Chromatin-Remodeling Factor SPOC1 Acts as a Cellular Restriction Factor against Human Cytomegalovirus by Repressing the Major Immediate Early Promoter (2018) Reichel A, Stilp AC, Scherer M, Reuter N, Lukassen S, Kasmapour B, Schreiner S, et al. Journal article The Human CMV IE1 Protein: An Offender of PML Nuclear Bodies (2017) Scherer M, Schilling EM, Stamminger T Journal article Inhibitors of dual-specificity tyrosine phosphorylation-regulated kinases (DYRK) exert a strong anti-herpesviral activity (2017) Hutterer C, Milbradt J, Hamilton S, Zaja M, Leban J, Henry C, Vitt D, et al. Journal article Human Cytomegalovirus Particles Treated with Specific Antibodies Induce Intrinsic and Adaptive but Not Innate Immune Responses (2017) Wu Z, Qin R, Wang L, Bosso M, Scherer M, Stamminger T, Hotter D, et al. Journal article The ND10 Component Promyelocytic Leukemia Protein Acts as an E3 Ligase for SUMOylation of the Major Immediate Early Protein IE1 of Human Cytomegalovirus (2017) Reuter N, Schilling EM, Scherer M, Müller R, Stamminger T Journal article The human cytomegalovirus IE1 protein antagonizes PML nuclear body-mediated intrinsic immunity via the inhibition of PML de novo SUMOylation (2017) Schilling EM, Scherer M, Reuter N, Schweininger J, Muller Y, Stamminger T Journal article, Original article
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