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Anti-beta 7 integrin treatment impedes the recruitment on non-classical monocytes to the gut and delays macrophage-mediated intestinal wound healing (2023) Sommer K, Heidbreder K, Kreiß L, Dedden M, Paap EM, Wiendl M, Becker E, et al. Journal article, Original article Impact of the Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel Antagonist Nimodipine on the Development of Oligodendrocyte Precursor Cells (2023) Enders M, Weier A, Chunder R, An Y, Bremm F, Feigenspan A, Büttner C, et al. Journal article Nimodipine Exerts Beneficial Effects on the Rat Oligodendrocyte Cell Line OLN-93 (2022) Boltz F, Enders M, Feigenspan A, Kirchner P, Ekici AB, Kürten S Journal article A novel machine learning-based approach for the detection and analysis of spontaneous synaptic currents (2022) Pircher T, Pircher B, Feigenspan A Journal article Cell types and synapses expressing the snare complex regulating proteins complexin 1 and complexin 2 in mammalian retina (2021) Lux U, Ehrenberg J, Joachimsthaler A, Atorf J, Pircher B, Reim K, Kremers J, et al. Journal article DYNAMIC CHANGES IN O-GLCNACYLATION REGULATE OSTEOCLAST DIFFERENTIATION AND BONE LOSS IN ARTHRITIS (2021) Chen CW, Li YN, Trinh MT, Honglin Z, Matei AE, Ding X, TRAN MANH C, et al. Conference contribution ANTI-S100A4 MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY TREATMENT AMELIORATES SKIN FIBROSIS IN INFLAMMATORY AND NON-INFLAMMATORY PRE-CLINICAL MODELS OF SYSTEMIC SCLEROSIS (2021) Tomcik M, Trinh MT, Trinh-Minh T, TRAN MANH C, Storkanova H, Storkanova L, Senolt L, et al. Conference contribution Genetic disruption of bassoon in two mutant mouse lines causes divergent retinal phenotypes (2021) Ryl M, Urbasik A, Gierke K, Babai N, Joachimsthaler A, Feigenspan A, Frischknecht R, et al. Journal article The structure dilemma in biological and artificial neural networks (2021) Pircher T, Pircher B, Schlücker E, Feigenspan A Journal article Analysis of tetrodotoxin-sensitive sodium and low voltage-activated calcium channels in developing mouse retinal horizontal cells (2020) Feigenspan A, Ohs A, von Wittgenstein J, Brandstätter JH, Babai N Journal article
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