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Oriented display of HIV-1 Env trimers by a novel coupling strategy enhances B cell activation and phagocytosis (2024) Di Vincenzo R, Beutel J, Arnold P, Wang Y, Damm D, Tannig P, Lux A, et al. Journal article Computational Characterization of the Binding Properties of the HIV1-Neutralizing Antibody PG16 and Design of PG16-Derived CDRH3 Peptides (2023) Deubler M, Weißenborn L, Leukel S, Horn A, Eichler J, Sticht H Journal article Bind&Bite: covalently stabilized heterodimeric coiled-coil peptides for the site-selective, cysteine-free chemical modification of proteins (2023) Beutel J, Tannig P, Di Vincenzo R, Schumacher T, Überla K, Eichler J Journal article A Peptide Inhibitor of the Human Cytomegalovirus Core Nuclear Egress Complex (2022) Alkhashrom S, Kicuntod J, Stillger K, Luetzenburg T, Anzenhofer C, Neundorf I, Marschall M, Eichler J Journal article Smaller, Stronger, More Stable: Peptide Variants of a SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Miniprotein (2022) Weißenborn L, Richel E, Hueseman H, Welzer J, Beck S, Schäfer S, Sticht H, et al. Journal article The crystal structure of the varicella-zoster Orf24-Orf27 nuclear egress complex spotlights multiple determinants of herpesvirus subfamily specificity (2022) Schweininger J, Kriegel M, Häge S, Conrad M, Alkhashrom S, Lösing J, Weiler S, et al. Journal article A novel D-amino acid peptide with therapeutic potential (ISAD1) inhibits aggregation of neurotoxic disease-relevant mutant Tau and prevents Tau toxicity in vitro (2022) Aillaud I, Kaniyappan S, Chandupatla RR, Ramirez LM, Alkhashrom S, Eichler J, Horn A, et al. Journal article A PROSS-designed extensively mutated estrogen receptor α variant displays enhanced thermal stability while retaining native allosteric regulation and structure (2021) Kriegel M, Wiederanders HJ, Alkhashrom S, Eichler J, Muller Y Journal article A pair of non‐competing neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies protecting from disease in a SARS‐CoV‐2 infection model (2021) Peter AS, Roth E, Schulz S, Fraedrich K, Steinmetz T, Damm D, Hauke M, et al. Journal article, Original article Methodological development of a multi-readout assay for the assessment of antiviral drugs against sars-cov-2 (2021) Hahn F, Häge S, Herrmann A, Wangen C, Kicuntod J, Jungnickl D, Tillmanns J, et al. Journal article
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