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Instantiations of Multiscale Kinship in Pressing‐Defect Distributions in Yttria‐Stabilized Zirconias by Powder Partitioning (2024) Pereira RM, Lohbauer U, Schulbert C, Göken M, Wurmshuber M, Campos TBM, Thim GP, et al. Journal article Bovine serum albumin-modified 3D printed alginate dialdehyde-gelatin scaffolds incorporating polydopamine/SiO2-CaO nanoparticles for bone regeneration (2024) Kim MH, Schöbel L, Geske M, Boccaccini AR, Ghorbani F Journal article Preparation of atom probe tips from (nano)particles in dispersion using (di)electrophoresis and electroplating (2024) Vorlaufer N, Josten J, Carl S, Göbel E, Soegaard A, Taccardi N, Spiecker E, Felfer P Journal article Analyzing the Precipitation Effects in Low-Alloyed Copper Alloys Containing Hafnium and Chromium (2024) Dölling J, Kuglstatter M, Prahl U, Höppel HW, Ortner P, Ott B, Kracun SF, et al. Journal article Enhancing the lifetime and vacuum tribological performance of PVD-MoS2 coatings by nitrogen modification (2024) Seynstahl A, Köbrich M, Rosnitschek T, Göken M, Tremmel S Journal article Additive manufacturing of 3D yttria-stabilized zirconia microarchitectures (2024) Winczewski JP, Zeiler S, Gabel S, Maestre D, Merle B, Gardeniers JG, Susarrey Arce A Journal article Segregation-induced strength anomalies in complex single-crystalline superalloys (2024) Bezold A, Vollhüter J, Karpstein N, Lenz M, Subramanyam AP, Zenk C, Hammerschmidt T, et al. Journal article The influence of crack and interface oxidation on dwell fatigue crack propagation behavior of the nickel-base superalloy ATI A718Plus (2024) Kirchmayer A, Hausmann A, Gabel S, Pröbstle M, Giese S, Göken M, Hünert D, Neumeier S Journal article Oxide scale microstructure and failure mechanism of alloy 601 under varying metal dusting conditions (2024) Schlereth C, Weiser M, White E, Felfer P, Galetz M Journal article Micro-Mechanical Fracture Investigations on Grain Size Tailored Tungsten-Copper Nanocomposites (2024) Schmuck K, Burtscher M, Alfreider M, Wurmshuber M, Kiener D Journal article