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Processing and cytocompatibility of Cu-doped and undoped fluoride-containing bioactive glasses (2024) Nawaz Q, Blaeß C, Müller R, Boccaccini AR Journal article Assessment of in-vitro bioactivity, biodegradability and antibacterial activity of polymer-derived 3D printed åkermanite scaffolds (2023) Dogrul F, Bednarzig V, Elsayed H, Liverani L, Galusek D, Bernardo E, Boccaccini AR Journal article Comparison of microstructure, sintering behavior, and biological response of sol-gel and melt-derived 13–93 bioactive glass scaffolds (2023) Nawaz Q, de Pablos-Martín A, Contreras Jaimes AT, Scheffler F, Wagner T, Brauer DS, Boccaccini AR Journal article Cotton-wool-like borosilicate glass fibers for tissue regeneration: Preparation, characterization and in vitro bioactivity (2023) Sengupta S, Liverani L, Galusek D, Boccaccini AR Journal article Influence of ceramic Kelvin Cell's strut shape on mechanical properties (2023) Simon S, Köllner D, Hoffmann P, Keck E, Spath I, Meyse M, Fey T Journal article Modular lead-free piezoceramic/polymer composites with locally adjustable piezoelectric properties (2023) Hoffmann P, Köllner D, Simon S, Kakimoto Ki, Fey T Journal article Strength of diamond - silicon carbide interfaces in silicon carbide bonded diamond materials containing graphitic interlayers (2022) Yousefi P, Matthey B, Fontanot T, Herre P, Höhn S, Kunze S, Christiansen SH, Herrmann M Journal article Electrospun 1D Ta3N5 -(O) nanofibers as advanced electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction in proton exchange membrane water electrolyser (2022) Mukkavilli RS, Ichangi A, Thiyagarajan GB, Vollnhals F, Wilhelm M, Bhardwaj A, Christiansen S, et al. Journal article Additive manufactured replica foams (2022) Köllner D, Biggemann J, Simon S, Hoffmann P, Kakimoto Ki, Fey T Journal article Fabrication and characterization of porous mullite ceramics derived from fluoride-assisted Metakaolin-Al(OH)3 annealing for filtration applications (2022) Abdullayev A, Avcioglu C, Fey T, Hilger A, Osenberg M, Manke I, Henning LM, et al. Journal article