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Reliable Out-of-Distribution Recognition of Synthetic Images (2024) Maier A, Rieß C Journal article Exploration of Interpretability Techniques for Deep COVID-19 Classification Using Chest X-ray Images (2024) Chatterjee S, Saad F, Sarasaen C, Ghosh S, Krug V, Khatun R, Mishra R, et al. Journal article Exploring the Limitations of Hybrid Adiabatic Quantum Computing for Emission Tomography Reconstruction (2023) Nau M, Vija AH, Gohn W, Reymann M, Maier A Journal article, Report Medical Augmented Reality: Definition, Principle Components, Domain Modeling, and Design-Development-Validation Process (2023) Navab N, Martin-Gomez A, Seibold M, Sommersperger M, Song T, Winkler A, Yu K, Eck U Journal article X-ray Dark-Field Imaging for Improved Contrast in Historical Handwritten Literature (2022) Akstaller B, Schreiner S, Dietrich L, Rauch C, Schuster M, Ludwig V, Hofmann-Randall C, et al. Journal article Multi-Stage Platform for (Semi-)Automatic Planning in Reconstructive Orthopedic Surgery (2022) Kordon FJ, Maier A, Swartman B, Privalov M, El Barbari JS, Kunze H Journal article, Original article Signal retrieval from non-sinusoidal intensity modulations in x-ray and neutron interferometry using piecewise-defined polynomial function (2021) Pinzek S, Gustschin A, Neuwirth T, Backs A, Schulz M, Herzen J, Pfeiffer F Journal article Noise reduction for single-shot grating-based phase-contrast imaging at an x-ray backlighter (2021) Schreiner S, Akstaller B, Dietrich L, Meyer P, Neumayer P, Schuster M, Wolf A, et al. Journal article A virtual reality system for improved image-based planning of complex cardiac procedures (2021) Deng S, Wheeler G, Toussaint N, Munroe L, Bhattacharya S, Sajith G, Lin E, et al. Journal article Usability of graphical visualizations on a tool-mounted interface for spine surgery (2021) Schuetz L, Brendle C, Esteban J, Krieg SM, Eck U, Navab N Journal article
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