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Extension of the Deflection-Domain Passivity Approach for Variable Stiffnesses to SO(3) (2024) Panzirsch M, Singh H, Sierotowicz M, Dietrich A Journal article E-NeRF: Neural Radiance Fields From a Moving Event Camera (2023) Klenk S, Koestler L, Scaramuzza D, Cremers D Journal article Sim-to-Real Transfer for Visual Reinforcement Learning of Deformable Object Manipulation for Robot-Assisted Surgery (2023) Scheikl PM, Tagliabue E, Gyenes B, Wagner M, Dall'Alba D, Fiorini P, Mathis-Ullrich F Journal article A Weakly Supervised Semi-Automatic Image Labeling Approach for Deformable Linear Objects (2023) Caporali A, Pantano M, Janisch L, Regulin D, Palli G, Lee D Journal article Lidar Upsampling With Sliced Wasserstein Distance (2023) Savkin A, Wang Y, Wirkert S, Navab N, Tombari F Journal article Towards Long-Term Retrieval-based Visual Localization in Indoor Environments with Changes (2023) Kabalar J, Wu SC, Wald J, Tateno K, Navab N, Tombari F Journal article DA2Dataset: Toward Dexterity-Aware Dual-Arm Grasping (2022) Zhai G, Zheng Y, Xu Z, Kong X, Liu Y, Busam B, Ren Y, et al. Journal article VesNet-RL: Simulation-Based Reinforcement Learning for Real-World US Probe Navigation (2022) Bi Y, Jiang Z, Gao Y, Wendler T, Karlas A, Navab N Journal article Towards Autonomous Atlas-Based Ultrasound Acquisitions in Presence of Articulated Motion (2022) Jiang Z, Gao Y, Xie L, Navab N Journal article CertainNet: Sampling-Free Uncertainty Estimation for Object Detection (2022) Gasperini S, Haug J, Mahani MAN, Marcos-Ramiro A, Navab N, Busam B, Tombari F Journal article
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