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Spectromicroscopy of Nanoscale Materials in the Tender X-Ray Regime Enabled by a High Efficient Multilayer-Based Grating Monochromator (2023) Werner S, Guttmann P, Siewert F, Sokolov A, Mast M, Huang Q, Feng Y, et al. Journal article All Printed Photoanode/Photovoltaic Mini-Module for Water Splitting (2023) Xu Z, Chen L, Brabec C, Guo F Journal article Influence of X-Ray Irradiation During Photoemission Studies on Halide Perovskite-Based Devices (2023) Ralaiarisoa M, Frisch J, Frégnaux M, Cacovich S, Yaïche A, Rousset J, Gorgoi M, et al. Journal article Correlating Optical Microspectroscopy with 4×4 Transfer Matrix Modeling for Characterizing Birefringent Van der Waals Materials (2023) Schwarz J, Niebauer M, Kolesnik-Gray M, Szabo M, Baier L, Chava P, Erbe A, et al. Journal article Rheological and Biological Impact of Printable PCL-Fibers as Reinforcing Fillers in Cell-Laden Spider-Silk Bio-Inks (2023) Schaefer N, Andrade Mier MS, Sonnleitner D, Murenu N, Ng XJ, Lamberger Z, Büchner M, et al. Journal article Quasi-2D Lead–Tin Perovskite Memory Devices Fabricated by Blade Coating (2023) Chen L, Xi J, Tekelenburg EK, Tran K, Portale G, Brabec CJ, Loi MA Journal article Covalently Functionalized MXenes for Highly Sensitive Humidity Sensors (2023) Janica I, Montes-Garcia V, Urban F, Hashemi P, Nia AS, Feng X, Samori P, Ciesielski A Journal article Ti-Modified Imogolite Nanotubes as Promising Photocatalyst 1D Nanostructures for H2 Production (2023) Jimenez-Calvo P, Naciri Y, Sobolewska A, Isaacs M, Zhang Y, Leforestier A, Degrouard J, et al. Journal article Additive Manufacturing in Atomic Layer Processing Mode (2022) Kundrata I, Barr M, Tymek S, Döhler D, Hudec B, Brüner P, Vanko G, et al. Journal article Synthetic Image Rendering Solves Annotation Problem in Deep Learning Nanoparticle Segmentation (2021) Mill L, Wolff D, Gerrits N, Philipp P, Kling L, Vollnhals F, Ignatenko A, et al. Journal article, Original article