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Graphene nanoribbons are internalized by human primary immune cell subpopulations maintaining a safety profile: A high-dimensional pilot study by single-cell mass cytometry (2022) Fuoco C, Luan X, Fusco L, Riccio F, Giuliani G, Lin H, Orecchioni M, et al. Journal article Magneto-mechanical system to reproduce and quantify complex strain patterns in biological materials (2022) Moreno Mateos MA, Gonzalez-Rico J, Nunez-Sardinha E, Gomez-Cruz C, Lopez-Donaire ML, Lucarini S, Arias A, et al. Journal article 2D MoS2/carbon/polylactic acid filament for 3D printing: Photo and electrochemical energy conversion and storage (2022) Ghosh K, Ng S, Iffelsberger C, Pumera M Journal article Robust dual cationic ligand for stable and efficient warm-white light emission in lead-free double perovskite nanocrystals (2022) Ahmad R, Zdražil L, Kalytchuk S, Naldoni A, Mohammadi E, Schmuki P, Zboril R, Kment Š Journal article Ti3C2Tx Solid Lubricant Coatings in Rolling Bearings with Remarkable Performance beyond State-of-the-Art Materials (2021) Marian M, Feile K, Rothammer B, Bartz M, Wartzack S, Seynstahl A, Tremmel S, et al. Journal article, Original article PCL micro-dumbbells - A new class of polymeric particles reveals morphological biofunctionality (2021) Sonnleitner D, Schaefer N, Wieland A, Fischer L, Pasberg P, Thievessen I, Lang G Journal article Enhancement of basal plane electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution activity via joint utilization of trivial and non-trivial surface states (2021) Yang Q, Le C, Li G, Heine T, Felser C, Sun Y Journal article Combining bioresorbable polyesters and bioactive glasses: Orthopedic applications of composite implants and bone tissue engineering scaffolds (2021) Gritsch L, Perrin E, Chenal JM, Fredholm Y, Maçon AL, Chevalier J, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Review article Catalyst coating of 3D printed structures via electrochemical deposition: Case of the transition metal chalcogenide MoSx for hydrogen evolution reaction (2020) Iffelsberger C, Ng S, Pumera M Journal article Enhanced bacteriostatic activity, osteogenesis and osseointegration of silicon nitride/polyetherketoneketone composites with femtosecond laser induced micro/nano structural surface (2020) Wu H, Liu T, Xu Z, Qian J, Shen X, Li Y, Pan Y, et al. Journal article