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Nanoarchitectonics of Bactericidal Coatings Based on CaCO3−Nanosilver Hybrids (2024) Ferreira AM, Vikulina AS, Bowker L, Hunt JA, Loughlin M, Puddu V, Volodkin D Journal article Acriflavine-Functionalized Silica@Manganese Ferrite Nanostructures for Synergistic Radiation and Hypoxia Therapies (2023) Eckenberger E, Raczka T, Neuhuber W, Distel L, Klein S Journal article Biosynthesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on l-Carnosine Biofunctionalized Polyacrylonitrile Nanofibers; a Biomimetic Wound Healing Material (2023) Homaeigohar S, Assad MA, Azari AH, Ghorbani F, Rodgers C, Dalby MJ, Zheng K, et al. Journal article Borate Bioactive Glasses (BBG): Bone Regeneration, Wound Healing Applications, and Future Directions (2022) Ege D, Zheng K, Boccaccini AR Journal article, Review article Pt-Fe3O4, Pd-Fe3O4, and Au-Fe3O4Nanoheterodimers and Their Efficacy as Radiosensitizers in Cancer Therapy (2021) Klein S, Otto J, Harreiß C, Distel L, Leistner A, Neuhuber W, Spiecker E, Kryschi C Journal article Stimulation of Probiotic Bacteria Induces Release of Membrane Vesicles with Augmented Anti-inflammatory Activity (2021) Mueller L, Kuhn T, Koch M, Fuhrmann G Journal article, Review article X-ray dose-enhancing impact of functionalized Au-Fe3O4nanoheterodimers on MCF-7 and A549 multicellular tumor spheroids (2021) Klein S, Distel L, Neuhuber W Journal article In Situ Alignment of Bacterial Cellulose Using Wrinkling (2020) Prathapan R, Ghosh AK, Knapp A, Vijayakumar A, Bogari NNJ, Abraham BD, Al-Ghabkari A, et al. Journal article Thin TiO2Coatings by ALD Enhance the Cell Growth on TiO2Nanotubular and Flat Substrates (2020) Motola M, Capek J, Zazpe R, Bacova J, Hromadko L, Bruckova L, Ng SW, et al. Journal article Low-Molecular-Weight Dextran Sulfate Nanocapsules Inhibit the Adhesion of Helicobacter pylori to Gastric Cells (2019) Menchicchi B, Savvaidou E, Thöle C, Hensel A, Goycoolea FM Journal article