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Tailoring the Dimensionality of 2D/3D Heterojunctions for Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells (2024) Li C, Zhang K, Maiti S, Peng Z, Tian J, Park H, Byun J, et al. Journal article Doping of Mesoscopic Charge Extraction Layers Enables the Design of Long-Time Stable Organic Solar Cells (2024) Xu J, Luo J, Gubanov K, Barabash A, Fink R, Heumüller T, Brabec C Journal article Microstrain and Crystal Orientation Variation within Naked Triple-Cation Mixed Halide Perovskites under Heat, UV, and Visible Light Exposure (2024) Zou Y, Eichhorn J, Zhang J, Apfelbeck FA, Yin S, Wolz L, Chen CC, et al. Journal article Accelerating Photostability Evaluation of Perovskite Films through Intelligent Spectral Learning-Based Early Diagnosis (2024) Liu Z, Zhang J, Rao G, Peng Z, Huang Y, Arnold S, Liu B, et al. Journal article Unraveling Dual Operational Mechanisms in an Air-Stable All Inorganic Perovskite for Nonvolatile Memory and Neuromorphic Computing (2024) Xie Z, Zhang D, Cheng L, Li C, Elia J, Wu J, Tian J, et al. Journal article Engineering Stable Perovskite Quantum Dot Films for High Color Purity Display Applications (2023) Hu H, Levchuk I, Kalkowski F, Elia J, Osvet A, Brabec C Journal article Revealing the Crystallization and Thermal-Induced Phase Evolution in Aromatic-Based Quasi-2D Perovskites Using a Robot-Based Platform (2023) Zhang J, Wu J, Zhao Y, Zou Y, Barabash A, Wu Z, Zhang K, et al. Journal article, Original article Seawater Electrolysis Using All-PGM-Free Catalysts and Cell Components in an Asymmetric Feed (2023) Frisch ML, Thanh TN, Arinchtein A, Hager L, Schmidt J, Brückner S, Kerres J, Strasser P Journal article Suppressing Nonradiative Losses in Wide-Band-Gap Perovskites Affords Efficient and Printable All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells with a Metal-Free Charge Recombination Layer (2023) Zhou X, Lai H, Huang T, Chen C, Xu Z, Yang Y, Wu S, et al. Journal article Elucidating How Low Energy Offset Matters to Performance of Nonfullerene Acceptor-Based Solar Cells (2023) Tokmoldin N, Sun B, Moruzzi F, Patterson A, Alqahtani O, Wang R, Collins BA, et al. Journal article
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