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The Role of MicroRNAs in Cancer Biology and Therapy from a Systems Biology Perspective (2022) Lai X, Schmitz U, Vera J Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Light Intensity-Dependent Dysregulation of Retinal Reference Genes (2019) Bielmeier CB, Schmitt SI, Braunger BM Book chapter / Article in edited volumes New Insights into Endothelin Signaling and Its Diverse Roles in the Retina (2019) Schmitt SI, Bielmeier CB, Braunger BM Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Engineering strategies for oral therapeutic enzymes to enhance their stability and activity (2019) Lapuhs P, Fuhrmann G Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Helicobacter pylori in Human Diseases Advances in Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Public Health Volume 11 Preface (2019) Kamiya S, Backert S Journal article, Editorial Digital Interventions for Mental Disorders: Key Features, Efficacy, and Potential for Artificial Intelligence Applications (2019) Ebert DD, Harrer M, Apolinário-Hagen J, Baumeister H Journal article Activity and Functional Importance of Helicobacter pylori Virulence Factors (2019) Sgouras D, Tegtmeyer N, Wessler S Journal article Immune Cell Signaling by Helicobacter pylori: Impact on Gastric Pathology (2019) Blaser N, Backert S, Suneesh Kumar P Journal article Tamoxifen-containing eye drops successfully trigger cre-mediated recombination in the entire eye (2016) Schlecht A, Leimbeck SV, Tamm ER, Braunger BM Book chapter / Article in edited volumes Cancer Cell Death-Inducing Radiotherapy: Impact on Local Tumour Control, Tumour Cell Proliferation and Induction of Systemic Anti-tumour Immunity (2016) Frey B, Derer A, Scheithauer H, Wunderlich R, Fietkau R, Gaipl U Journal article