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Viscosity, Interfacial Tension, Density, and Refractive Index of Ionic Liquids [EMIM][MeSO3], [EMIM][MeOHPO2], [EMIM][OcSO(4)], and [BBIM][NTf2] in Dependence on Temperature at Atmospheric Pressure (2009) Hasse B, Lehmann J, Assenbaum D, Wasserscheid P, Leipertz A, Fröba AP Journal article, Original article Temperature Dependence of the Non-Stokesian Charge Transport in Binary Blends of Ionic Liquids (2009) Wachter P, Zistler M, Schreiner C, Fleischmann M, Gerhard D, Wasserscheid P, Barthel J, Gores HJ Journal article An industrial reference fluid for moderately high viscosity (2008) Caetano FJP, Fareleira JMNA, Fröba AP, Harris KR, Leipertz A, Oliveira CMBP, Trusler JPM, Wakeham WA Journal article, Original article Thermal conductivity and density of plant oils under high pressure (2008) Werner M, Baars A, Eder C, Delgado A Journal article Viscosity of diisodecyl phthalate by surface light scattering (SLS) (2007) Fröba AP, Leipertz A Journal article, Original article Viscosities, Vapor Pressures, and Excess Enthalpies of Choline Lactate + Water, Choline Glycolate + Water, and Choline Methanesulfonate + Water Systems. (2007) Constantinescu D, Schaber K, Agel F, Klingele MH, Schubert TJS Journal article, Original article From Alcohols to Hyperbranched Polymers:  The Influence of Differently Branched Additives on the Vapor−Liquid Equilibria of Selected Azeotropic Systems (2003) Seiler M, Buggert M, Kavarnou A, Arlt W Journal article Vapor-liquid equilibrium for the binary systems ethylene glycol-n-amyl alcohol and ethylene glycol-isoamyl alcohol (1981) Joo HJ, Arlt W Journal article