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Elevated aluminum excretion in patients by long-term subcutaneous immunotherapy – A cross-sectional case-control study (2024) Hiller J, Göen T, Drexler H, Berking C, Wagner N Journal article A revised concept for deriving reference values for internal exposures to chemical substances and its application to population-representative biomonitoring data in German children and adolescents 2014–2017 (GerES V) (2023) Hoopmann M, Murawski A, Schümann M, Göen T, Apel P, Vogel N, Kolossa-Gehring M, Röhl C Journal article Coordination of chemical analyses under the European Human Biomonitoring Initiative (HBM4EU): Concepts, procedures and lessons learnt (2023) Vorkamp K, Esteban López M, Gilles L, Göen T, Govarts E, Hajeb P, Katsonouri A, et al. Journal article, Review article External Quality Assurance Schemes (EQUASs) and Inter-laboratory Comparison Investigations (ICIs) for human biomonitoring of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) biomarkers in urine as part of the quality assurance programme under HBM4EU (2023) Nübler S, Esteban López M, Castaño A, Mol HG, Müller J, Schäfer M, Haji-Abbas-Zarrabi K, et al. Journal article The HBM4EU chromates study – Outcomes and impacts on EU policies and occupational health practices (2023) Santonen T, Louro H, Bocca B, Bousoumah R, Duca RC, Fucic A, Galea KS, et al. Journal article, Review article Exposure to flame retardants in European children - Results from the HBM4EU aligned studies. (2023) Van Der Schyff V, Kalina J, Govarts E, Gilles L, Schoeters G, Castano A, Esteban-Lopez M, et al. Journal article, Review article PFAS levels and determinants of variability in exposure in European teenagers - Results from the HBM4EU aligned studies (2014-2021) (2023) Richterova D, Govarts E, Fabelova L, Rausova K, Martin LR, Gilles L, Remy S, et al. Journal article Environmental release of non-Aroclor polychlorinated biphenyls by a silicone rubber production site did not lead to elevated plasma levels in the nearby population (2022) Kaifie A, Esser A, Ziegler P, Kraus T, Rauchfuss K, Schettgen T Journal article Interlaboratory comparison investigations (ICI) and external quality assurance schemes (EQUAS) for cadmium in urine and blood: Results from the HBM4EU project (2021) Nübler S, Esteban Lopez M, Castano A, Mol H, Schäfer M, Haji-Abbas-Zarrabi K, Bury D, et al. Journal article The European human biomonitoring platform - Design and implementation of a laboratory quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) programme for selected priority chemicals (2021) Esteban López M, Göen T, Mol H, Nübler S, Haji-Abbas-Zarrabi K, Koch HM, Kasper-Sonnenberg M, et al. Journal article
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