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Tailored laser beam shapes for welding of copper using green laser radiation (2024) Kaufmann F, Roth S, Schmidt M Journal article Prediction of electrical resistance of laser-welded copper pin-pairs with surface topographical information from inline post-process observation by optical coherence tomography (2023) Will T, Müller J, Müller R, Hölbling C, Goth C, Schmidt M Journal article Numerical modeling of forming air impact thermoforming (2022) Wagner S, Kayatz F, Münsch M, Sanjon CW, Hauptmann M, Delgado A Journal article In situ modification of case-hardening steel 16MnCr5 by C and WC addition by means of powder bed fusion with laser beam of metals (PBF-LB/M) (2022) Bartels D, Novotny T, Hentschel O, Huber F, Mys R, Merklein C, Schmidt M Journal article Toward cost-efficient tolerancing of 3D-printed parts: a novel methodology for the development of tolerance-cost models for fused layer modeling (2022) Roth M, Schächtl P, Giesert A, Schleich B, Wartzack S Journal article, Original article Robust estimation of clinch joint characteristics based on data-driven methods (2022) Zirngibl C, Schleich B, Wartzack S Journal article In situ curing and bonding of epoxy prepregs in epoxy thermoset injection molding (2021) Deringer T, Drummer D Journal article Tolerance management during the design of composite structures considering variations in design parameters (2021) Franz M, Schleich B, Wartzack S Journal article, Original article Computing the bond strength of 3D printed polylactic acid scaffolds in mode I and II using experimental tests, finite element method and cohesive zone modeling (2021) Nazemzadeh N, Soufivand AA, Abolfathi N Journal article Adapted tool design for the cold forging of gears from non-ferrous and light metals (2021) Rohrmoser A, Hagenah H, Merklein M Journal article
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