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Predicting the wall-shear stress and wall pressure through convolutional neural networks (2023) Balasubramanian AG, Guastoni L, Schlatter P, Azizpour H, Vinuesa R Journal article Boundary layer measurements of the flow along a streamwise-oriented circular cylinder using particle tracking velocimetry (2023) Näger C, Wachter F, Lienhart H, Czwielong F, Riedel J, Becker S Journal article, Original article Coherent structures in the turbulent stepped cylinder flow at ReD=5000 (2023) Massaro D, Peplinski A, Schlatter P Journal article A new perspective on skin-friction contributions in adverse-pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layers (2023) Atzori M, Mallor F, Pozuelo R, Fukagata K, Vinuesa R, Schlatter P Journal article Control effects on coherent structures in a non-uniform adverse-pressure-gradient boundary layer (2022) Atzori M, Vinuesa R, Schlatter P Journal article Predicting the temporal dynamics of turbulent channels through deep learning (2022) Borrelli G, Guastoni L, Eivazi H, Schlatter P, Vinuesa R Journal article Statistical interpretation of LDA measurements in naturally developing turbulent drag-reducing flow using invariant theory (2022) Moataz M, Reiter N, Al-Mqbas M, Metelkin A, Latifi A, Jovanović J, Delgado A Journal article Numerical investigation of the effect of convex transverse curvature and concave grooves on the turbulent boundary layer along a cylinder in axial flow (2021) Wachter F, Metelkin A, Jovanović J, Praß J, Becker S Journal article Recurrent neural networks and Koopman-based frameworks for temporal predictions in a low-order model of turbulence (2021) Eivazi H, Guastoni L, Schlatter P, Azizpour H, Vinuesa R Journal article Intense reynolds-stress events in turbulent ducts (2021) Atzori M, Vinuesa R, Lozano-Duran A, Schlatter P Journal article
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