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Modulation of immune responses to liposomal vaccines by intrastructural help (2023) Damm D, Suleiman E, Wagner J, Klessing S, Pfister F, Elsayed H, Walkenfort B, et al. Journal article Formulating elafibranor and obeticholic acid with phospholipids decreases drug-induced association of SPARC to extracellular vesicles from LX-2 human hepatic stellate cells (2023) Zivko C, Witt F, Koeberle A, Fuhrmann G, Luciani P Journal article Biobarriers 2018 (2021) Fuhrmann G, Loretz B, Schneider-Daum N, Lehr CM Journal article The tangential flow absorption model (TFAM) - a novel dissolution method for evaluating the performance of amorphous solid dispersions of poorly water-soluble actives (2020) Haering B, Seyferth S, Schiffter HA Journal article Coupling quaternary ammonium surfactants to the surface of liposomes improves both antibacterial efficacy and host cell biocompatibility (2020) Montefusco-Pereira C, Formicola B, Goes A, Re F, Marrano CA, Mantegazza F, Carvalho-Wodarz C, et al. Journal article Hot EVs – How temperature affects extracellular vesicles (2020) Schulz E, Karagianni A, Koch M, Fuhrmann G Journal article Rethinking the impact of the protonable amine density on cationic polymers for gene delivery: A comparative study of partially hydrolyzed poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline)s and linear poly(ethylene imine)s (2018) Bauer M, Tauhardt L, Lambermont-Thijs HML, Kempe K, Hoogenboom R, Schubert US, Fischer D Journal article Polyester-based particles to overcome the obstacles of mucus and biofilms in the lung for tobramycin application under static and dynamic fluidic conditions (2018) Ernst J, Klinger-Strobel M, Arnold K, Thamm J, Hartung A, Pletz MW, Makarewicz O, Fischer D Journal article Extracellular vesicles – A promising avenue for the detection and treatment of infectious diseases? (2017) Fuhrmann G, Neuer AL, Herrmann IK Journal article, Review article Controlled extended octenidine release from a bacterial nanocellulose/Poloxamer hybrid system (2017) Alkhatib Y, Dewaldt M, Moritz S, Nitzsche R, Kralisch D, Fischer D Journal article