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From Lysosomal Storage Disorders to Parkinson's Disease – Challenges and Opportunities (2023) Mächtel R, Boros FA, Dobert J, Arnold P, Zunke F Journal article, Review article Real-Time Single-Molecule Studies of RNA Polymerase–Promoter Open Complex Formation Reveal Substantial Heterogeneity Along the Promoter-Opening Pathway (2022) Malinen AM, Bakermans J, Aalto-Setälä E, Blessing M, Bauer DL, Parilova O, Belogurov GA, et al. Journal article The Molecular Mechanism of Polymer Formation of Farnesylated Human Guanylate-binding Protein 1 (2020) Sistemich L, Kutsch M, Hämisch B, Zhang P, Shydlovskyi S, Britzen-Laurent N, Stürzl M, et al. Journal article Mining Naïve Rabbit Antibody Repertoires by Phage Display for Monoclonal Antibodies of Therapeutic Utility (2017) Peng H, Nerreter T, Chang J, Qi J, Li X, Karunadharma P, Martinez GJ, et al. Journal article Crystal Structure of the Extracellular Domain of the Human Dendritic Cell Surface Marker CD83 (2017) Heilingloh C, Klingl S, Egerer-Sieber C, Schmid B, Weiler S, Mühl-Zürbes P, Hofmann J, et al. Journal article, Original article Stable DNA methylation boundaries and expanded trinucleotide repeats: role of DNA insertions (2014) Naumann A, Kraus C, Hoogeveen A, Ramirez CM, Doerfler W Journal article Crystal structures of mutant IspH proteins reveal a rotation of the substrate's hydroxymethyl group during catalysis (2012) Span I, Graewert T, Bacher A, Eisenreich W, Groll M Journal article Dynamical characterization of two differentially disease associated MHC class I proteins in complex with viral and self-peptides. (2012) Narzi D, Becker C, Fiorillo MT, Uchanska-Ziegler B, Ziegler A, Böckmann R Journal article, Original article Molecular dynamics simulations of the effect of the G-protein and diffusible ligands on the β2-adrenergic receptor (2011) Goetz A, Lanig H, Gmeiner P, Clark T Journal article, Original article Mechanism of GTPase-activity-induced self-assembly of human guanylate binding protein 1. (2010) Voepel T, Syguda A, Britzen-Laurent N, Kunzelmann S, Luedemann MB, Dovengerds C, Stürzl M, Herrmann C Journal article
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