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Taphonomic and diagenetic implications of reduction spot formation in Cretaceous red beds from the Jiaolai Basin, Eastern China (2023) Fu W, Turner P, Clements T, Spencer AR, Yu J, Yang Y, Guo B, et al. Journal article First estimates for Jurassic seawater temperatures based on oxygen isotope analyses of calcitic fossils from Central Iran: Evidence for a major plate tectonic shift? (2022) Alberti M, Fürsich F, Andersen N Journal article Sediment-derived origin of the putative Munnar carbonatite, South India (2020) Hegner E, Rajesh S, Willbold M, Müller D, Joachimski M, Hofmann M, Linnemann U, et al. Journal article Isotopic and trace element geochemistry of the Seligdar magnesiocarbonatites (South Yakutia, Russia): Insights regarding the mantle evolution beneath the Aldan-Stanovoy shield (2018) Doroshkevich AG, Prokopyev IR, Izokh AE, Klemd R, Ponomarchuk AV, Nikolaeva IV, Vladykin NV Journal article Evolution and tectonic setting of the Malani – Nagarparkar Igneous Suite: A Neoproterozoic Silicic-dominated Large Igneous Province in NW India-SE Pakistan (2018) de Wall H, Pandit MK, Donhauser I, Schöbel S, Wang W, Sharma KK Journal article, Original article Large-scale porphyry-type mineralization in the Central Asian metallogenic domain: A review (2017) Gao J, Klemd R, Zhu M, Wang XS, Li J, Wan B, Xiao W, et al. Journal article New Permian-Triassic conodont data from Selong (Tibet) and the youngest occurrence of Vjalovognathus (2017) Wang L, Wignall PB, Sun Y, Yan C, Zhang Z, Lai X Journal article, Original article Metallogenesis of the Zhibo and Chagangnuoer volcanic iron oxide deposits in the Awulale Iron Metallogenic Belt, Western Tianshan orogen, China (2015) Zhang X, Klemd R, Gao J, Dong LH, Wang XS, Haase K, Jiang T, Qian Q Journal article Permian age of orogenic thickening and crustal melting in the Garm Block, South Tien Shan, Tajikistan (2015) Konopelko D, Klemd R, Mamadjanov Y, Hegner E, Knorsch M, Fidaev D, Kern M, Sergeev S Journal article Genetically and geochronologically contrasting plagiogranites in South Central Tianshan ophiolitic mélange: Implications for the breakup of Rodinia and subduction zone processes (2015) Jiang T, Gao J, Klemd R, Qian Q, Zhang X, Wang XS, Tan Z, Zhu Z Journal article
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