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Survivorship dynamics of the flora of Devonian Angarida (2023) Dowding E, Akulov NI, Mashchuk IM Journal article Sampling biases obscure the early diversification of the largest living vertebrate group (2022) Henderson S, Dunne E, Giles S Journal article Where traditional extinction estimates fall flat: using novel cophylogenetic methods to estimate extinction risk in platyhelminths (2022) Mulvey L, Warnock R, De Baets K Journal article Increase in marine provinciality over the last 250 million years governed more by climate change than plate tectonics (2021) Kocsis Á, Reddin CJ, Scotese CR, Valdes PJ, Kießling W Journal article Out of the extratropics: the evolution of the latitudinal diversity gradient of Cenozoic marine plankton (2021) Raja NB, Kießling W Journal article Evidence of parallel evolution in the dental elements of Sweetognathus conodonts (2020) Petryshen W, Henderson CM, de Baets K, Jarochowska E Journal article The apparent exponential radiation of Phanerozoic land vertebrates is an artefact of spatial sampling biases (2020) Close R, Benson R, Alroy J, Carrano M, Cleary T, Mannion P, Dunne E, et al. Journal article Ignoring stratigraphic age uncertainty leads to erroneous estimates of species divergence times under the fossilized birth-death process (2019) Barido-Sottani J, Aguirre-Fernandez G, Hopkins MJ, Stadler T, Warnock RCM Journal article Wear, tear and systematic repair: testing models of growth dynamics in conodonts with high-resolution imaging (2018) Shirley B, Grohganz M, Bestmann M, Jarochowska E Journal article, Original article The biogeographical imprint of mass extinctions (2018) Kocsis Á, Reddin CJ, Kießling W Journal article, Original article