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Publisher: Elsevier

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Phase change in fuel sprays at diesel engine ambient conditions: Modeling and experimental validation (2021) Rieß S, Rezaei J, Weiß L, Peter A, Wensing M Journal article Phase change in fuel sprays at diesel engine ambient conditions: Impact of fuel physical properties (2021) Rezaei J, Rieß S, Wensing M Journal article The influence of temperature and pressure on macro- and micro-mixing in compressed fluid flows; mixing of carbon dioxide and ethanol above their mixture critical pressure (2021) Bassing D, Braeuer AS Journal article Quantification of mixture composition, liquid-phase fraction and - temperature in transcritical sprays (2020) Peter A, Rieß S, Wensing M, Braeuer AS, Klima TC Journal article A fast and remote screening method for sub-micro-structuration in pressurized mixtures containing water and carbon dioxide (2019) Stehle S, Lay EN, Triolo A, Ventosa N, Braeuer AS Journal article Supercritical drying of aerogel: In situ analysis of concentration profiles inside the gel and derivation of the effective binary diffusion coefficient using Raman spectroscopy (2016) Klima T, Quiño J, Quiño J, Rühl M, Klima T, Ruiz F, Will S, Bräuer A Journal article In situ Raman quantification of the dissolution kinetics of carbon dioxide in liquid solutions during a dense phase and ultrasound treatment for the inactivation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (2016) Ferrentino G, Schuster J, Bräuer A, Spilimbergo S Journal article, Original article Ceramic liner technology for ammonoacidic synthesis (2015) Hertweck B, Schimmel S, Steigerwald T, Alt N, Wellmann P, Schlücker E Journal article, Original article The determination of the caffeic acid derivatives of Echinacea purpurea aerial parts under various extraction conditions by supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) (2014) Konar N, Dalabasmaz S, Poyrazoglu ES, Artik N, Colak A Journal article, Original article Supercritical antisolvent micronization of PVP and Ibuprofen Sodium towards tailored solid dispersions (2014) Roßmann M, Bräuer A, Schlücker E Journal article, Original article
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