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Molecular fluorescence endoscopy targeting vascular endothelial growth factor a for improved colorectal polyp detection (2016) Tjalma JJ, Garcia-Allende PB, Hartmans E, Van Scheltinga AGT, Boersma-Van Ek W, Glatz J, Koch M, et al. Journal article Based on the network degeneration hypothesis: Separating individual patients with different neurodegenerative syndromes in a preliminary hybrid PET/MR study (2016) Tahmasian M, Shao J, Meng C, Grimmer T, Diehl-Schmid J, Yousefi BH, Foerster S, et al. Journal article Impact of Point-Spread Function Modeling on PET Image Quality in Integrated PET/MR Hybrid Imaging (2016) Aklan B, Oehmigen M, Beiderwellen K, Ruhlmann M, Paulus D, Jakoby BW, Ritt P, Quick HH Journal article Optoacoustic imaging of naphthalocyanine: Potential for contrast enhancement and therapy monitoring (2015) Beziere N, Ntziachristos V Journal article Multimodal molecular imaging of integrin avb3 for in vivo detection of pancreatic cancer (2014) Trajkovic-Arsic M, Mohajerani P, Sarantopoulos A, Kalideris E, Steiger K, Esposito I, Ma X, et al. Journal article Dynamic 18F-FET PET in newly diagnosed astrocytic low-grade glioma identifies high-risk patients (2014) Jansen NL, Suchorska B, Wenter V, Eigenbrod S, Schmid-Tannwald C, Zwergal A, Niyazi M, et al. Journal article Radiotracer dose reduction in integrated PET/MR: implications from national electrical manufacturers association phantom studies (2014) Oehmigen M, Ziegler S, Jakoby BW, Georgi JC, Paulus D, Quick HH Journal article Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Simultaneous PET/MR Whole-Body Imaging with Continuous Table Motion (2014) Braun H, Ziegler S, Lentschig MG, Quick HH Journal article Enriching the interventional vision of cancer with fluorescence and optoacoustic imaging (2013) Garcia-Allende PB, Glatz J, Koch M, Ntziachristos V Journal article, Review article Quantitative accuracy of clinical 99mTc SPECT/CT using ordered-subset expectation maximization with 3-dimensional resolution recovery, attenuation, and scatter correction (2010) Zeintl J, Vija AH, Yahil A, Hornegger J, Kuwert T Journal article, Original article
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