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ISSN: 1064-8275
Publisher: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

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Advanced Automatic Code Generation for Multiple Relaxation-Time Lattice Boltzmann Methods (2023) Hennig F, Holzer M, Rüde U Journal article TEXTBOOK EFFICIENCY: MASSIVELY PARALLEL MATRIX-FREE MULTIGRID FOR THE STOKES SYSTEM (2022) Kohl N, Rüde U Journal article A MASSIVELY PARALLEL EULERIAN-LAGRANGIAN METHOD FOR ADVECTION-DOMINATED TRANSPORT IN VISCOUS FLUIDS (2022) Kohl N, Mohr M, Eibl S, Rüde U Journal article An H-Multigrid Method for Hybrid High-Order Discretizations (2021) Di Pietro DA, Hülsemann F, Matalon P, Mycek P, Rüde U, Ruiz D Journal article, Original article Extensions of the Augmented Block Cimmino Method to the Solution of Full Rank Rectangular Systems (2021) Dumitrasc A, Leleux P, Popa C, Rüde U, Ruiz D Journal article, Online publication Implicitly extrapolated geometric multigrid on disk-like domains for the gyrokinetic Poisson equation from fusion plasma applications (2021) Kühn MJ, Kruse C, Rüde U Journal article, Original article Energy-minimizing, symmetric discretizations for anisotropic meshes and energy functional extrapolation (2021) Kühn MJ, Kruse C, Rüde U Journal article STENCIL SCALING FOR VECTOR-VALUED PDES ON HYBRID GRIDS WITH APPLICATIONS TO GENERALIZED NEWTONIAN FLUIDS (2020) Drzisga D, Rüde U, Wohlmuth B Journal article GRADIENT-BASED TWO-SCALE TOPOLOGY OPTIMIZATION WITH B-SPLINES ON SPARSE GRIDS (2020) Valentin J, Hübner D, Stingl M, Pflueger D Journal article A stencil scaling approach for accelerating matrix-free finite element implementations (2018) Drzisga D, Bauer S, Mohr M, Rüde U, Waluga C, Wohlmuth BI Journal article
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